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Enemy Creature Design for Games – FLESH-TEK – Vol. 1


Release date:2022, September 20


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

When it comes to designing an enemy boss character for a game, where do you begin? For J.P. Targete, the answers lie in the process itself. In this 4-hour workshop, J.P. explores, discusses, and demonstrates how to design an enemy/boss creature design, from ideation sketch through to the finished concept design using Photoshop.

In FLESH-TEK — Vol. 1, you will learn all the essential elements of design that you need to know to move forward with your preliminary ideations through to a final colored 2D concept. Throughout this workshop, you’ll discover J.P.’s thought process and see how he iterates from one idea to the next to create variants of a design. You will also develop some easy-to-follow Photoshop techniques that J.P. has been using throughout the years to great success.

J.P. is a highly accomplished freelance concept artist and illustrator with 25 years of experience creating illustrations and concepts for the publishing and entertainment industries. In this thorough workshop, he intentionally uses simple-yet-key descriptions throughout to make his process accessible to all levels of artists. The workshop is aimed at artists with some prior working knowledge of Photoshop, and standard drawing and digital painting skills are expected.

Project files supplied with this workshop include J.P.’s ideation design and final concept design Photoshop files for your reference.

Coming Soon:
In FLESH-TEK — Vol. 2, J.P. will take the completed 2D enemy boss concept design and create a fully painted 3D sculpt in 3D-Coat. The forthcoming workshop will walk through all of the key tools that 3D-Coat offers, and discusses how beneficial and powerful they can be to add realism and depth to your designs.

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