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Funny 3D character modeling using Blender (Korean, Eng sub)

Release date:2022


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Make your character more vibrant in 3D when you only draw in 2D.

A three-dimensional sense of the object that everyone once yearned for, the character that you have drawn in your imagination The opportunity to be born as a 3D character!

Blender, a free tool that allows beginners to easily complete 3D characters’s basic, of course, from cute props modeling to character modeling Up to the required face, hair, costume, body.

At the end of the class with a step-by-step curriculum, attractive characters It’s gonna be finished.

Use the blender tool to face your imagination with reality. Create attractive 3D characters!

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SECTION 01. Introduction to Blender for creating 3D characters
01. Learn the basics of Blender
02. Learning the basics of modeling
03. Learn the basics of Sculpting

SECTION 02. Making breakfast for Changu
04. Modeling
05. Material
06. Rendering

SECTION 03. Create a cute girl character, Mabel
07. Modeling
08. Material
09. Create various postures and expressions
10. Retouch in Photoshop

SECTION 04. Understanding Curves – Making Various Hair
11. Modeling using Curve
12. Ponytails
13. Dango Hair
14. Pigtails
15. Loose Hair

SECTION 05. Create your own profile character
16. Understanding the Character Creation Process
17. Make Eyes
18. Sculpting
19. Retopology
20. Texture Painting
21. Modeling
22. Editing in Photoshop

SECTION 06. Create an attractive character face
23. A little study of the human body to create a stylized character
24. Sculpting an attractive character face
25. Retopology
26. Texture Painting
27. Make Your Hair
28. Understanding facial changes based on facial expressions
29. Editing in Photoshop

SECTION 07. Creating an attractive character body
30. A little study of the human body to create a stylized character
31. Sculpting
32. Retopology
33. Texture Painting

SECTION 08. Making the Little Mermaid
34. Sculpting
35. Retopology
36. Texture Painting
37. Rigging
38. Various modeling using curve
39. Rendering

SECTION 09. Raise character quality
40. Blender addon to increase character quality and speed
41. TextureObject to increase character quality

SECTION 10.Bonus
10.1라일락 소녀 리얼타임 타임랩스-1
10.1라일락 소녀 리얼타임 타임랩스-2
10.2그웬 리얼타임 타임랩스


[Coloso] Funny 3D character modeling using Blender (Korean, Eng sub)_Subtitles.7z

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  1. Can u upload this pls?

    thnks for all the work ♥

  2. I hope you can add this course . Is the top course on coloso

  3. I tried to study this course however, the translation is so poor. It is impossible to get anything from it. Could please upgrade the translation quality?

  4. Can you please fix the SUBTITLES??? This course is really informative but can’t understand because the subtitles are way off.

  5. The english subtitles are quite bad, often have a paragraph going over the whole screen for few seconds then no subtitles for a while so it’s hard to follow some videos

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