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Fundamentals for Creative Environment Design


Release date:2015


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Whether for film, video games, or digital feature animation, this class will focus on what it takes to create a compelling environment from the ground up. We will explore fundamentals such as perspective, drawing, storytelling, painting, creating atmosphere, establishing lighting, and how we can combine all these different elements into a full scene. By the end of this class, students will have the process and structure to give them the confidence they need to create more solid environments.

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Week 1 – Introduction to Perspective, Composition, Thumbnailing and Value
Week 1 Video

Week 2 – Continued Study Into Thumbnailing, Striking Unique and Compelling Compositions
Week 2 Video

Week 3 – Researching Design From Previous Layout Artists and Background Painters
Week 3 Video 1
Week 3 Video 2

Week 4 – Cinematography
Week 4 Video 1
Week 4 Video 2

Week 5 – Form Language Study
Week 5 Video 1
Week 5 Video 2

Week 6 – Texture and surfacing
Week 6 Video

Week 7 – Packaging
Week 7 Video 1
Week 7 Video 2

Week 8 – Putting It All Together
Week 8 Video

Fundamentals for Creative Environment Design – Files.7z

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  1. Do have any other classes from CGMASTERS? If you have then please provide a list so I can chose What I want..

    • CGMasters – The Animation Primer
      CGMasters & Creative Shrimp – Hard Surface Modeling in Blender
      CGMasters – Complete Environment and Animation Project
      CGMasters – Blender – Master It Vol. 1 & 2 – Fundamentals
      CGMasters – Ninja Character Creation Volume 3 – Texturing
      CGMasters – Car Modeling and Texturing in Blender
      CGMasters – Ninja Character Creation Volume 1 and 2
      CGMasters – Character Creation Vol.2 – Rigging
      CGMasters – Blender – Environment Modeling & Texturing
      CGMasters – Character Creation Vol.1 – Modeling
      CGMasters – Environment Modeling and Texturing in Blender

  2. Sorry sir.. I think there was a little spelling mistakes..
    .do you have any classes from cgmasteracademy or

    • Check this list below:

      CGMA 3D School A.1 – Texturing and Shading for Games Week 5-6
      CGMA 3D School A.1 – Texturing & Shading for Games
      CGMA 3D School 9.9 – Vegetation & Plants for Games
      CGMA – Character Creation for Film Cinematics
      CGMA – Hair Creation for Games with Johan Lithvall
      CGMA – Matte Painting Master Class by Anthony Eftekhari
      CGMA – Intro To Perspective Week(1-6)
      CGMA – art of color and light
      CGMA – Environment Design 1 (with James Paick)
      CGMA – Fundamentals for Creative Environment Design
      Computer Graphic Master Academy Workshops 2012 (CGMA, CGMW)
      CG Master Workshops Full Pack (CGMA, CGMW)
      CGMA Creature & Character Design for Games

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