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Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop by Karmen Loh


Release date:2020, January 3

Duration:04 h 23 m

Author:Karmen Loh

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course will teach you how to create captivating stories in your digital portraits that evoke strong emotions and inspire wonder. To achieve this, you need a creative mind brimming with imagination, as well as a clear methodology to effectively convey your ideas to your audience. Renowned fantasy illustrator Karmen Loh, aka Bearbrickjia, has built a world of delicate and whimsical fantasy portraits that have earned her a dedicated following of over 400k on Instagram. She has also designed characters for popular games like Street Fighter and Steel Circus.

In this course, Karmen will share her refined technique for crafting digital fantasy portraits that weave a dreamlike atmosphere with precision and skill. Using Adobe Photoshop, she will guide you through an easy-to-follow process that will equip you with all the essential tools to infuse your imagination into your digital portraits and create your very own unique fantasy narrative.

In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Karmen and learn about her passion for portrait illustration. She’ll share her journey from being a concept character artist to becoming an independent artist, and discuss the artists and other influences that have inspired her the most.

You’ll then get started with Photoshop and your graphics tablet, learning about each tool and how Karmen uses them in a fantasy context. She’ll teach you how to create shadows and light using tools such as the smudge tool, and how to use brushes and configure them to create your artwork.

Next, you’ll explore the importance of creating a mood board based on the concept of your fantasy portrait, and learn how to collect references and search for inspiration. Karmen will guide you through sketching your portrait and adding fantasy elements to your composition.

You’ll then learn about Karmen’s techniques for adding color and rendering your portrait, and how to adjust the colors to give more life to your character. She’ll also show you how to add makeup and finishing touches to your portrait, including highlights and sparkles to make it pop.

Finally, you’ll sharpen your portrait using Karmen’s tips and tricks to give it more definition, and learn how to export your project and compress your final piece for digital media and printing. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to create your own unique fantasy portraits that tell captivating stories.

Table of Contents

Introduction (About Me)
What We Will Do on the Course
Tools and Techniques in Photoshop
Rough Shadows and Highlights
Rendering Techniques and Brushes – Part 1
Rendering Techniques and Brushes – Part 2
Adding Colours
Let’s Create!
Rendering – Part 1
Rendering – Part 2
Rendering – Part 3
Rendering – Part 4
Let’s Apply ‘’Make-up’’ and Colour Adjustments! – Part 1
Let’s Apply ‘’Make-up’’ and Colour Adjustments! – Part 2
Finishing Touch
Make Your Artwork Pop Out! – Part 1
Make Your Artwork Pop Out! – Part 2
Make Your Artwork Pop Out! – Part 3
Exporting Your Artwork
Final project
Fantasy Dig

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  5. Is there a way I can Download this whole course at once?
    I dont wanna download every video separately.
    Thanks so much for this

  6. Something wrong with the download link.
    I need this:

    8 Moodboard
    9 Sketch

    Unit 4
    16 Make Your Artwork Pop Out! – Part 1
    17 Make Your Artwork Pop Out! – Part 2
    18 Make Your Artwork Pop Out! – Part 3
    19 Exporting Your Artwork

    Unit 5
    20 Final Project


    Somebody help me please!

  7. I’m trying to download part 13 and 14 but there is a problem that doesn’t let me download the files

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    It’ll be of tremendous help to me. Thanks 🙂

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  18. hi adm how are you? thank you for making the course download available. But you could check the resource links, the mediafile has updated and is showing this message “Downloading restricted. Please contact the file owner to request they enable downloading.” again thanks for everything!

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