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Creating Dynamic Virtual Characters in Live2D – 버츄얼 캐릭터 완성을 위한 Live2D 제작 노하우 [Coloso, Kutata, GBC Dub]


Release date:2023, May 8

Duration:12 h 39 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unlock the World of Virtual Characters with Live2D: From Hobby to Pro”

Dive into the fascinating realm of Live2D, the premier hobbyist-level tool to bring your Vertuver models to life. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artisan, this comprehensive Live2D course caters to all skill levels, guiding you through the process of creating captivating VTubers.

Key Features of Live2D Complete Edition Class:
  1. From Beginner to Pro:
    • Learn basic rigging concepts, progressing from entry-level enthusiasts to skilled artisans.
  2. Crafting Engaging VTubers:
    • Explore the complete Live2D edition, covering everything from foundational principles to advanced techniques for creating attractive VTubers.
  3. Enter the World of Vertuver:
    • Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey into the captivating world of Vertuver VTubers.
  4. Learn the Entire Production Process:
    • Understand the nuances of creating a virtual streamer that truly feels animated by delving into the entire production process.
  5. Insights from a Live2D Competition Winner:
    • Gain invaluable insights from Live2D Modeler Kutata, the recipient of the 1st prize in the Live2D official competition.
  6. Deep Dive into Technology:
    • Explore deep technology, from basic concepts to advanced rigging and animation techniques.
  1. Live2D Custom Illustration Dictionary:
    • Make rigging fun and easy with a custom illustration dictionary. Learn how to integrate with VTube Studio and enhance the quality and detail of your characters.
    • Character Detail Focus:
      • Stand out by focusing on character details often overlooked. Learn to catch fine nuances that make a significant difference.
    • Advanced Physics Operations:
      • Go beyond the basics with the application of n-stage pendulum physics operations and vTubeStudio setting values. Transform your illustrations into 3D-like representations for more natural character movements.
    • Kutata’s Exclusive Know-How:
      • Benefit from Kutata’s delicate know-how, revealing the secrets to recognizing real facial expressions and movements in virtual characters.
    • All-Inclusive Learning:
      • From modifying illustration files to practical application, this class ensures a methodical approach for beginners and a seamless journey for all learners.
    • Direct Application Challenges:
      • Apply your knowledge directly with challenges based on the basics learned. Explore techniques for using physical operations to enhance character details naturally.
    • Resourceful Files:
      • Access PSD and Live2D files that aid in understanding the Vertuver authoring process. Follow along with layer-separated PSD files and live lectures, making it easier to grasp the principles of model creation.

Join now and embark on a comprehensive journey to master Live2D for creating captivating virtual characters with unparalleled detail and animation quality.


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