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Ultimate Unreal Engine for Filmmakers by Sam Eisenhower


Release date:2023

Author:Sam Eisenhower

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unlock the full potential of Unreal Engine with “Ultimate Unreal Engine for Filmmakers” by Sam Eisenhower. This comprehensive course is designed for filmmakers, animators, and visual effects artists looking to master Unreal Engine’s powerful tools and features to create stunning, cinematic visuals.

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Unreal Engine: Get started with the basics of Unreal Engine, including installation, interface navigation, and essential settings.
  • Cinematic Techniques: Learn how to create realistic lighting, dynamic camera movements, and intricate scene compositions to enhance the storytelling in your films.
  • Real-Time Rendering: Discover the power of real-time rendering and how to use Unreal Engine to produce high-quality renders faster than traditional methods.
  • Visual Effects (VFX): Dive into the world of visual effects with Unreal Engine’s robust VFX tools, including particle systems, simulations, and post-processing effects.
  • Animation Workflow: Master the animation pipeline within Unreal Engine, from rigging and animating characters to creating smooth transitions and sequences.
  • Virtual Production: Explore the latest techniques in virtual production, including motion capture, virtual sets, and live compositing, to revolutionize your filmmaking process.
  • Project-Based Learning: Apply your skills in real-world projects, with step-by-step guidance from Sam Eisenhower, to create your own short films and cinematic sequences.

Why Choose This Course:

  • Expert Instructor: Learn from industry veteran Sam Eisenhower, whose extensive experience in film and animation brings valuable insights and practical knowledge to the course.
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical skills through hands-on projects and assignments, designed to reinforce learning and build your portfolio.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques, this course provides a thorough understanding of Unreal Engine for filmmakers of all levels.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded learners, share your progress, and receive feedback and support throughout your journey.

Whether you’re a beginner filmmaker or an experienced professional looking to expand your skillset, “Ultimate Unreal Engine for Filmmakers” will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to create breathtaking films and visual effects. Enroll now and start transforming your creative vision into reality!

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[Boundless Resource] Ultimate Unreal Engine for Filmmakers by Sam Eisenhower
01 – DAY 1 – Getting Started

01 How to Get the Most out of This Course
02 Course Overview
03 Intro to Film & VFX Terminology
04 Creating a Visual Effects Shot from Start to Finish
05 Installing Unreal Engine 5
Day 01 Daily Check-In

02 – DAY 2 – The Basics

01 Creating a New Project
02 Basic Menus & Navigation
03 World Outliner & Details Panel
04 Using Quixel Megascans
05 Materials Overview
06 Creating a Basic Material
07 Intro to Parent Materials & Material Instances
08 Parent Materials & Material Instances Demo
09 Creating a Parent Material for our Scene
Day 02 Daily Check-In
Day 02 Intro

03 – DAY 3 – Creating your First Unreal Engine Scene

01 Naming Conventions
02 Creating a Custom Landscape
03 Creating a Landscape Using a Height Map
04 Lumen & Global Illumination
05 Basic Lighting
06 Exponential Height Fog
07 Lumen & Global Illumination – Enabling Lumen & Path Tracing
08 If you Have a Crash or Can’t get Back Into your Project
09 Lumen Demonstration
10 Building your Scene (Megascans)
11 Setting up Displacement & Nanite Landscapes in UE5.3
12 Camera Basics
13 Adding Movement & Animation in Unreal Engine
14 Setting up a Camera
15 Enabling High Quality Reflections (UE5.3)
16 Using the Sequencer
17 Migrating Content Between Projects
18 Basic Rendering
19 How to Back Up your Projects
Day 03 Daily Check-In

04 – DAY 4 – Scene Building

01 Roadmap for Building our Scene
02 Choosing a Renderer
03 Setting up our Project
04 Intro to Reference Images & Mood Boards
05 Finding & Using Reference Images
06 Scene Blocking & Composition
07 Blocking out the Scene
08 Blocking out Camera Movement
09 Landscape Creation Techniques Overview
10 Importing Meshes into your Scene
11 Fallback Meshes & Fixing Raytraced Shadows
12 Finding & Organizing Megascans Assets
13 Landscape Building Creating the Base Layer
14 Landscape Creation Adding the Detail Layer
15 Landscape Creation Adding Mountains & Cliffs
16 Building the Scene with Megascans – Recap & Strategy
17 Importing Buildings & Filling in the Scene
18 Adding Detail using Megascans Prop Assets
19 Using the Boolean Tool
20 Adding Snow Cover to the Scene
21 Filling in the Environment & Adding Pillars
22 Adding Foliage
23 Adding Decals
24 Camera Setup & Explanation
25 Anamorphic Lenses in Unreal Engine
26 Camera Settings (Continued)
27 Creating Large Scenes in Unreal Engine
Day 04 Daily Check-In

05 – DAY 5 – Lighting

01 Rect Lights Demonstration – Creating Soft Light
02 The Inverse Square Law & Light Theory
03 What is Global Illumination
04 Using the Environment Light Mixer
05 Environment Light Mixer Final Tweaks
06 HDRI Backdrop & Skylight
07 Recap & Comparison
08 Point Lights & Spot Lights
09 Overcast Lighting, Negative Fill & Adding Contrast
10 Lighting a Night Scene
11 Organizing Lighting Looks
12 Exponential Height Fog & Atmosphere
13 Optimizing your Scene the Easy Way LightForge
14 Lighting for the Path Tracer
15 Path Tracer Post Process Settings
16 Fixing HDRI Maps in the Path Tracer
17 Enabling Volumetric Clouds in the Path Tracer
18 Adding Light Breakup & Animation
Day 05 Daily Check-In

06 – DAY 6 – Adding Movement & Animation

01 Animating the Ship with Camera Rig Rail
02 Animating the Camera with Camera Rig Rail
03 Animating Focus Distance
04 Adding Camera Shake
05 Character Animation Overview
06 Importing a Skeletal Mesh
07 Assigning Materials to a Skeletal Mesh
08 Applying Pre-Made Animations – Mixamo
09 Adding Animations in the Sequencer
10 Intro to Animation Retargeting
11 Importing Animations & the Retargeting Process
12 Modifying Animations in the Sequencer
13 Importing & Using Multiple Animation Asset Packs
14 Chaining & Blending Animations in the Sequencer
15 Attaching Weapons & Assets to a Skeletal Mesh
16 Adding Animations to our Shot
Day 06 Daily Check-In
Day 06 Intro

07 – DAY 7 – Simulations

01 Intro to Fluid Simulations & VDBs
02 Where to Download VDBs
03 Using VDBs in Unreal Engine 5.3
04 Building the Scene with VDBs [Timelapse]这一集原本就没声音
05 Simulating Light Emission with VDBs
06 Intro to Niagara Fluid Simulations
07 Creating Realtime Volumetric Fluid & Gas Simulations – Niagara
08 Creating a Smoke Simulation in Niagara
09 Fixing Collisions with Niagara Fluid Simulations
Day 07 Daily Check-In

08 – DAY 8 – Compositing

01 Intro to Compositing in Unreal Engine
02 Compositing Fog Cards
03 Compositing Characters using Media Planes
04 Compositing with Camera Movement (Compositing Mini-Course)
05 Intro to Composure
06 Compositing with Composure – Overview
07 Creating a Composure Scene
08 Color Management using OpenColorIO
09 Rendering a Composure Comp
Day 08 Daily Check-In

09 – DAY 9 – Rendering

01 What is a Render Pass
02 Preparing the Scene for Deferred Rendering
03 Rendering your Scene the Easy Way LightForge
04 OpenColorIO & Color Management
05 Deferred Rendering (No Render Passes)
06 Creating MRQ Presets
07 Deferred Rendering with Z-Depth, Motion Vector, AOV Passes
08 Rendering with Object IDs (Cryptomatte)
09 Rendering with Stencil Layers
10 Preparing the Scene for Path Traced Rendering
11 Rendering using the Path Tracer
12 Fixing GPU Crash Error & Render Crashes
Day 09 Daily Check-In

10 – DAY 10 – Color Grading & Compositing Pipeline

01 What is Film Emulation
02 Setting up DaVinci Resolve for ACES Workflow
03 Dehancer Film Emulation
04 Setting up After Effects for Compositing & Importing your Render
05 Z Depth Compositing
06 Adding Depth of Field using Z Depth Pass
07 Using Object IDs
08 Using Stencil Layers
09 Compositing your Character into the Scene
10 Adding a Shadow
11 Motion Vectors Explained
12 Accessing Render Passes in Fusion
13 Adding Motion Blur using Motion Vector Pass
14 Adding Depth of Field using Z Depth Pass – Fusion

11 – Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion

[Boundless Resource] Ultimate Unreal Engine for Filmmakers by Sam Eisenhower.7z.rar

[Boundless Resource] Ultimate Unreal Engine for Filmmakers by Sam Eisenhower_Subtitles.7z

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