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Creating Cute, Simplistic Illustrations and Growing Your Art on Instagram


Release date:2021


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:No

Do you want to draw simple yet adorable illustrations and grow as a part of the art community online? In this course I will teach you how to draw adorable creations and how to reach an audience on social media, primarily Instagram!

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to create simple drawings in a cute art style, I will take you through steps of learning how to draw with simple shapes and finding suitable colors. We will also dwell into the world on posting your work online to share with others.

By the end of this course you will be able to create adorable illustrations of your own! You will also be able to apply growth strategy techniques to your social media accounts to reach a wider audience over time.

Table of Contents

1)Meet Your Instructor: Chii!
2)Introduction to the course
3)Introduction to Procreate

Chapter 1: Introduction to Procreate
1)Canvas Size and Resolution
2)Layers and Layer Functions
3)Common Tools and Brushes
4)Gestures and Other Procreate Settings

Chapter 2: Drawing Cute and Simple Animals
1)Cute and Simple Proportions
2)Finding References
3)Simple Shapes to Draw Animals from a Reference
Drawing Different Animals
Drawing Different Poses
4)Adding Simple Details and Features
Drawing Different Facial Expressions
Adding Accessories or Props

Chapter 3: Drawing Cute and Simple Objects
1)Using Simple Shapes to Draw Objects
How to Draw Food
How to Draw Inanimate Objects
2)Identifying and Adding Key Features from Reference Photos

Chapter 4: Developing a Color Palette
1)Simple Introduction to the Color Wheel
Hue, Saturation and Value
Warm vs. Cool Colors
Color Harmony
2)Finding Easy Color Palettes from Resources
How to Find and Import Color Palettes to Procreate

Chapter 5: Lining & Coloring
1)Practicing Line-Art
2)Planning and Laying Out Base Colors

Chapter 6: Light and Shadow
1)Shading Your Artwork
2)Adding Highlights and Rendering Your Work

Chapter 7: Starting and Growing on Instagram
1)Important Tips to Setting Up for Success
2)Where to Start and What Content to Post
3)Understanding Hashtags and the Explore Page
4)Setting Up a Schedule and Planning Your Goals
5)How to be Part of the Art Community

Chapter 8: Using other social media: Running a successful Shop/Patreon/Kickstarter
1)Twitter, Tiktok, and Facebook
2)Starting your Patreon
3)Setting up a Shop
4)Running a Kickstarter

Congratulations on Completing the Course

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