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Create Captivating Characters with Detailed Expressions [COLOSO, Hyulla, GBC Dub]


Release date:2023


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Individuals aspiring to become illustrators often grapple with concerns regarding the charm and direction of their drawings as they gain experience and approach practical work levels.

However, their primary worry typically revolves around understanding the theory and effectively expressing details. It is crucial to address these concerns and guide them in the right direction.

This class offers an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of 3D, perspective, light, and color characteristics from a visual standpoint. Participants can explore the impressions and motions conveyed by each body part, along with the instructor’s unique expressions on details.

Through a step-by-step curriculum designed for a lifetime, you can create high-quality illustrations in this class.

8 Class Exercises​
  • Understand the Theory through a Detailed Curriculum
  • Character Design
  • The Overall Atmosphere and Sense of Space
  • Depicting a Face
  • Expressing Hands, Feet, and Other Parts of the Body
  • Expressing the Upper & Lower Body, and Other Specific Regions of the Body
  • Expressing Various Objects
  • Detail Expressions Using Photoshop

You’ll Learn​

Advanced Theory Course Providing Answers to Your Questions​

Establish a solid theoretical foundation for illustration by delving deep into 3D, perspective, and the characteristics of light and color from a visual perspective. Reinforce the basics that are often overlooked and gain profound knowledge applicable to practical work.

Creating Powerful Character Designs​

Craft characters that can be instantly identified through impressions conveyed by features such as the face, body, and concept. Explore nuances in hair and costume styling that enhance motion and gesture.

Screen Composition with a Sense of Atmosphere and Space​

Utilize camera angles and object placement to understand screen structure, creating a sense of boundlessness.

Human Body Expressions for an Attractive Character​

Seek your unique approach to expressing captivating characters by examining a variety of cases on the human body. Explore details of the head, upper body, lower body, abdominal region, hands, feet, and skin, beyond basic knowledge, and learn the instructor’s distinctive, detailed expression methods.

Object Expressions to Broaden Your Design Pool​

Master the handling of metals, frequently used in game illustrations. Understand and express objects made from transparent/translucent materials, challenging yet essential in illustration.

Enhance Your Painting Skills by Focusing on Details​

Learn how to use the speaker’s personal Photoshop tools, employed to refine detailed expression methods and deepen theoretical understanding of the picture.


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  1. Thank you so much for uploading this! it’s really great!
    could you please upload this one if you’re able to?

  2. Hello, thanks you for this course, is it possible to add this animation course please ?

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  4. Hello, Ive been looking forward to this lesson being added to the site for a long time. Im just a little confused. Will these lessons become available for everyone on the site? Or only for those who join and pay for them through the link? Thanks

  5. hey can u add Rojo’s course? cant find it anywhere^^”, would be appreciated

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