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Hangul lettering class that captures impressions in letters by ZESSTYPE (Korean, Eng Spa sub)


Release date:2023


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

I am familiar with Hangul lettering and its significance in design. Hangul lettering involves the task of drawing letters, similar to how calligraphy showcases text as an image through writing. Lettering, on the other hand, presents text as an image through drawing. Typography, a term often used in typesetting and editing, encompasses the art of writing, designing, and expressing characters, making it relevant to lettering work.

Many of us have experienced the challenge of finding a suitable typeface while working on a design. It can be burdensome to purchase a typeface for every project, and free typefaces may not always provide the differentiation you desire. This frustration led me to start drawing the letters I needed, and I continue to do so to this day. By creating custom lettering, you gain the flexibility to use it in various contexts beyond just design projects. Whether it’s for title logotype design, brand design, or even type design, the ability to draw your own letters opens up a world of possibilities across different products and media content.

It’s wonderful to hear that you are engaged in logo type and title design activities, collaborating with various companies and brands through Hangul lettering work. Additionally, your independent work as a typography designer, planning and developing typefaces for brands, showcases your expertise in this field.

Your passion for creating and customizing letters brings a unique touch to your design projects. Your ability to draw the letters you envision not only gives you greater control over the visual expression of your designs but also allows for more versatility and creativity in your work.

Continue to explore the art of Hangul lettering and typography, and let your passion for lettering shine through your designs. Your dedication and skill in this area will undoubtedly contribute to creating impactful and memorable brand identities and visual experiences.

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