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Cinema 4D Motion Designer Training (Basic to Master) (Korean)


Release date:2021

Author:Woosung Kang

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

From movie title sequences, commercials, and game cinematic trailers,
do you want to create trendy animation style motion graphics? Did you worry

about the motion graphics that are awkward even if you follow the free lectures and the
motion sensation that rarely increases even if you try hard?

Watch online or Download for Free

Coloso C4D训练营 (P01. 01 方向_x264)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P02. 02 界面基础:UI和导航按属性学习_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P03. 03 建模基础:多边形和NURBS建模_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P04. 04 设计基础:使用基本形状的空间组成设计_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P05. 05 辛烷值和照明基础知识:了解关键特性和三点照明_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P06. 06 色彩基础:基于色彩理论的风格化照明_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P07. 07 辛烷值渲染设置_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P08. 08 合成基础:使用After Effects和Multipass_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P09. 09 资产设计:使用体积和绘图仪创建设计资产_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P10. 10 纹理设计:基础知识和库的使用方法_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P11. 11 具有张力感的动画规则和基本角色动画第1部分_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P12. 12 具有张力感的动画规则和基本角色动画第2部分_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P13. 13 使用变形器的角色动画第1部分_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P14. 14 使用变形器的角色动画第2部分_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P15. 15 使用Mograph和刚性第1部分进行逼真的模拟_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P16. 16 使用Mograph和刚性第2部分进行逼真的模拟_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P17. 17 使用软体和力量进行模拟第1部分_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P18. 18 使用软体和力量进行模拟第2部分_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P19. 19 具有自定义摄影机装备的动态摄影机_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P20. 20 使用IK关节进行角色建模和动画_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P21. 21 发射极模拟和空间设计_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P22. 22 使用姿势变形和体积的液体动画_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P23. 23 实际工作流程_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P24. 24 产品动画培训SHOT 01_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P25. 25 简化3D UI的Xpresso基础_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P26. 26 产品动画培训SHOT 02_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P27. 27 产品动画培训SHOT 03_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P28. 28 产品动画培训SHOT 04_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P29. 29 产品动画培训SHOT 05&06_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P30. 30 产品动画培训SHOT 07_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P31. 31 Transition SHOT 08_batch)
Coloso C4D训练营 (P32. 32 Transition SHOT 09_batch)

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  1. Sir I request you to plz upload the courses of Turbulence FD.
    And plz upload complete course of ( Process Of Motion by Daniel Danielsson ). Previously you upload the process of motion which doesn’t have project explanation video and many more things from that course.

  2. Wow thanks, this person also has another course

    Please upload, if u can. Thanks again this website is so helpful

  3. Does this have chinese/korean/english subs? I think it must have chinese subs since it was ripped by the chinese groups. All file names are in Chinese (instead of Korean)

  4. this course was re-uploaded with english subtitles. Would be great to have it with subs. Thanks a ton!

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