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Breaking the Boundaries of Illustration with Live2D Animation [Coloso, Eggutarto, Group Buy]


Release date:2024

Duration:15 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Break the Boundaries of Illustration Through Storytelling and Animation!

Embark on an artistic journey where illustration and animation converge to breathe life into your creations. Eggutarto’s class brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques to guide you through the world of Live2D. Experience the magic of 2D animation as we explore techniques that transcend the boundaries of static illustrations.

Gain hands-on experience starting with planning out the illustration, working with layer separation, and breathing life into the characters through Live2D animation. With a proven track record, including winning the Live2D Creative Awards 2022 (Video Expression Award), Eggutarto will share the techniques gathered and applied throughout the years, guiding you to infuse your artwork with movement and give it life.

Get These Coloso Exclusives:
  • Unlimited Access to All Chapters of Content
  • All Illustration PSD and Live2D Files
  • Final Illustration & Bonus Hashtag Event Files
  • Illustration Files
  • Live2D Files
  • Final Illustration & Bonus Hashtag Event Template
Get Ready for the Real-World 9 Class Exercises:
  • Drawing and Shading Character Hair
  • Skin and Clothes Rendering
  • Eyes and Face Rendering
  • Objects and Materials Rendering
  • Layer Separation before Live2d
  • Substitute Motion in Live2d
  • Parameters & Deformers
  • Coloso Eggutarto Exercises
  • Animation and Curves
  • In-Class Demos
Eggutarto’s Drawing Workflow from Sketch to Finish

From the initial concept to the finishing touches, you’ll learn the steps of line work, shading, and detailing that give your artwork personality. This section specifically focuses on rendering commonly drawn subjects such as hair, eyes, skin, and more. You will also learn tips on animation planning before diving into your illustration.

From Illustration to Animation: Layer Separation Explained

To avoid creating a stiff animation of your character, you must understand the basics of layer separation first. What layer comes on top of the character’s head or their eyes? In this section, you will gain a better understanding of the importance of layering as well as learn how to use masks that can help you achieve specific effects during the rigging process.

Rigging and Animating: Key Steps to Breathe Life into Your Characters

The key skill of this course is not only to learn the basics of the Live2D software but also to learn how to make your characters move smoothly. In this section, you will learn how to use different parameters, curves, and physics to create a live 2D animation of your character.

You’ll Learn:
  • Illustration Drawing and Rendering Techniques: Explore the steps of creating a character illustration, from sketch to finish. Discover methods to create depth, intricate details, and captivating visual rendering in your artwork. Along with illustration techniques, you will also learn how to plan your animation during the sketch phase.

  • Thought Process of Layer Separation of an Illustration: Understanding layer separation is the key to a wider range of motion for your animation. Upon learning the thought process as you create your illustration, you will find layer separation much easier to understand.

  • Introduction to Live2d: Deformers, Parameters, and Physics: This class will teach you the basic functions of Live2D to animate your illustrations. As the workload is comparatively lighter than that of a regular VTuber model, this class will be a fun introduction to the Live2D software!

  • Substituting Parts for Motion and Changes in Facial Expressions: You will learn how to design and plan additional art layers for changing a character’s facial expression or movement. How to make the transition smooth and seamless by using parameters will open up many possibilities for your animation.

  • Animation Tips and Tricks: Learn how to use the animation mode in Live2D. By using the curves and keyframing functions just like traditional animation would, you will learn how to make your character come to life!

  • Bonus Community Event: This final bonus community event allows you to unleash your creativity and use what you have learned in this course: illustration and rigging techniques! A template file will be provided for you to participate in this optional bonus event or for self-practice! Look at what others have created, and learn from each other!

You can find more details by following this link.
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