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Blender 4 Geometry Nodes for Beginners by


Release date:2024

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unlock the Power of Procedural Modeling with Geometry Nodes in Blender!

Are you ready to revolutionize your 3D modeling experience with a non-destructive, procedural approach? Introducing Geometry Nodes – a powerful tool that enables you to create complex 3D models with ease, overcoming challenges that traditional modeling methods might pose.

The non-destructive nature of Geometry Nodes empowers you to make changes to your models and node trees without starting from scratch. Build dependencies into your node trees to automatically adapt to scene changes. This flexibility and efficiency save you precious time and effort, allowing you to save and reuse node trees for future projects.

In this course, you’ll:

  • Understand core concepts such as data types, boolean math for selection, fields, and attributes.
  • Manipulate geometry, meshes, and curves directly in the Geometry Node editor, exploring vital nodes and workflows.
  • Create a modifier to populate any mesh with a low-poly forest, complete with trees, rocks, bushes, and grass.
  • Utilize curves to craft custom objects like blades of grass, leaves, terrain-following fencing, and a stylized tree generator.

If you’re eager to delve into non-destructive, procedural modeling, and wish to create your own modifiers, operators, and mesh editing tools, this course is designed for you!


  • Basic knowledge of Blender.
  • Ability to run Blender 4.0 (or a later version).

What’s Included:

  • Full lifetime access for a single one-off fee.
  • Expert guidance from qualified and experienced coders who simplify complex concepts.
  • Access to a course forum for discussions.
  • Integration into thriving communities on Facebook, our TA-curated Community, and a dedicated student chat group.

Please note that this course is continuously evolving, with new content added regularly. Dive in now to elevate your Blender skills and embark on a journey of non-destructive, procedural modeling excellence!

Watch online or Download for Free
01. Introduction & Setup

01. Course Introduction
02. Downloading & Installing Blender 4
03. Setting Up Blender for Geometry Nodes

02. Geometry Node Basics

01. Section Introduction – Geometry Node Basics
02. The Spreadsheet
03. Data Types
04. Socket Types – Floats & Integers
05. Socket Types – Boolean & Vector
06. Fields & Attributes

03. Instancing Geometry

01. Section Introduction – Instancing Geometry
02. Adding & Manipulating Primitives
03. Adding Materials & Smooth Shading
04. Distribute Points On Faces
05. Instance On Points
06. Instance On Points – Challenge Solution
07. Instancing Collections
08. Controlling Density
09. Manipulating Instances Using Distance Fields
10. Combining Distance Fields
11. Adding Low Poly Trees & Boulders
12. Adding Low Poly Pebbles & Grass
13. Challenge Solution – Tidying Up The Node Tree
14. Base Mesh Displacement & Shading
15. Replacing The Base Mesh
16. Setting Up Switches
17. Setting Up Simple Lighting
18. Using Vertex Groups for Density
19. Setting Random Colors Per Instance
20. Final Adjustments to The Node Tree
21. Setting Up The Render
22. Final Render

04. Using Curves

01. Bezier Splines
02. Using Bezier Splines in Geometry Nodes
03. Curve Primitives in Geometry Nodes
04. Fill & Fillet Curve Nodes
05. More Curve Operations
06. Resample Curve Node
07. Reshaping Curves
08. Creating a Blade of Grass
09. Creating a Grass Shader
10. Creating Random Variations
11. Creating Grass Clumps

[Udemy] Blender 4 Geometry Nodes for Beginners by 3D Tudor.7z

[Udemy] Blender 4 Geometry Nodes for Beginners by 3D Tudor_Subtitles.7z

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