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Drawing WOD’s by Antonio Stappaerts


Release date:2022, July 27

Duration:23 h 38 m

Author:Antonio Stappaerts

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

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Table of Contents

Cycle 5:

01 Figures

Part 1
Beginner Goal: Adjust a reference of an artist to design your own character
Hardcore Goal: Invent/design a character from Imagination that has a gesture

  • Before you start, warm up by doing some automatic drawing exercises. (intuitive drawing)
    (give an example)
  • Pick a dance video on youtube. Now you will do gesture studies from 1 dancer
    from that video. lt helps to play the video at 0.25 speed and pause after every second, this
    way, you’ll get a new pose that you can study every time you press pause. For this example
    We used this video:
  • Do 10×1 minute studies
  • 5×5 minute studies
  • 3×10 minute studies

Try to do all these studies from the same dancer, and youโ€˜ll end up having an entire sequence of that

  • Hardcore: Do the same amount of studies using a reference of life drawing figures, try to
    make use of shadowmapping in the 5 and 10-minute studies.

Part 2
Complete 30-minute studies from an artist that you admire. Focus on the gesture and posing of
these characters, don’t worry about details. It’s best to pick characters that are grounded, this
way, you can train your posing and get better at placing figures on a ground plane, and flying figures
are much easier.

Part 3
Design a warrior using a reference as inspiration :

  1. A female dancer that holds a sword or spear
  2. A male dancer holding a sword or spear

Hardcore: Design a warrior from imagination based on the poses you’ve learned

  1. A female warrior/dancer that holds a sword or spear
  2. A male warrior/dancer holding a sword or spear
02 Hard surface

Part 1

  • Freehand a minimum of 20 cylinders in a variety of angles
  • Stack at least10 cylinders on top of each other in a variety of angles
  • Draw 10 half-cylinders in a variety of angles
  • Draw 10 half spheres and 10 quarter spheres in a variety of angles

Part 2

Pick 3 armor references from the Roman era and:
1. Break down each reference into a max of 5 simple forms
Rotate each reference in at least 3 different angles

Part 3
Design 3 new armor pieces based on the reference you choose by:

  1. Playing with the proportions of the simple forms you established in part 2
  2. Adding detail based on your reference but matching the newly established proportions

Harcore: Design a full Roman armor suit for one of the following classes:

  1. Tank character
  2. Dps character
  3. Healer character
03 Organic

Part 1
Beginner Goal: Design a plant minion, a very basic
Hardcore Goal: Design 3 plant boss

  • Review the cylinder video if needed
  • Draw 30 freehand cylinders in a variety of angles
  • Draw 30 freehand bent cylinders with a manipulated contour in a variety of angles
  • Draw 30 manipulated planes (twisted, bent, and/or stretched)
  • Draw wrap 10 different kinds of leaves on each of the planes just drawn

Part 2
Pick a minimum of 2 different trees or plants you wish to study
Study each by:

  • Breaking it down into manipulated cylinders and planes
  • Redrawing each plant/tree in 2 different angles

Beginner: Study 2 minion designs from your favorite artist
Hardcore: Study 2 create/boss designs from your favourite artist

Part 3
Beginner: Design a plant minion using references + the knowledge they gained from the studies as inspiration. You can look at the boss’s designs from other students to create a minion that this boss could summon.
Hardcore: Design a plant boss with everything you’ve learned from parts 1 and 2. You can also design a minion for this boss + 2 attack sequences.

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Cycle 5

01 Figures
01 Assignment

AWDF_Gesture Design

02 Classroom


03 Demo

AWCL_Gesture Design

02 Hard surface
01 Assignment


02 Demo


03 Organic
01 Assignment

AWDO_Plant Creatures

02 Classroom

AWCL_Organic Forms

03 Demo

AWDODEMO_Plant Creatures_20220727

[Artwod] Cycle 5 by Antonio Stappaerts.7z
[Artwod] Cycle 5 by Antonio Stappaerts_Subtitles.7z

Cycle 6

01 Figures

01 AWDF_Fantasy Portaits
02 AWCL_Loomis Head
03 AWDFDEMO_Fantasy Portrait_20220810

02 Hard surface

01 AWDHS_Spacestations
02 AWCL_Scifi Design Thinking
03 AWCL_RV Redesign

03 Organic

01 AWDO_Mythical Creatures
02 AWCL_Anatomy Informed Manipulation
03 AWDODEMO_Mythical Creatures

Cycle 7

01 Figures

01 AWDF_Life Drawing Week
02 AWCL_Fight Scene Demo Lex
02 AWCL_Quicksketch

02 Hard surface

01 AWDHS_Hover Tanks
02 AWCL_Scifi Design Thinking
03 AWCL_DDay Tanks

03 Organic

01 AWDO_Dinosaurs
02 AWCL_Organic Forms
03 AWCL_Dinosaurs

Cycle 8

01 Figures

01 AWDF_Fight Scenes
02 AWCL_Fight Scene Demo Lex

02 Hard surface

01 AWDHS_Gundam Mech
02 AWCL_Scifi Design Thinking
03 AWDEMO_Gundam Mechs

03 Organic

01 AWDO_Monsters
02 AWCLDO_Form Contour Manipulation
03 AWCLDO_Monsters

Cycle 9

01 Figures

01 AWDF_Stylized Body Shapes
02 AWCLDF_Stylized Body Shapes
03 AWCLDO_Stylized Body SHapes

02 Hard surface

01 AWDHS_Knights
02 AWCL_Form Wrapping
03 AWDHSDEMO_Knights


03 Organic

AWCL_Anatomy Informed Manipulation
AWDODEMO_Stylized Animals
AWDO_Stylized Animals
Drawing Cycle 9 Organic_Subtitles.7z

[ArtWod] Drawing WODs by Antonio Stappaerts.7z
[ArtWod] Drawing WODs by Antonio Stappaerts_Subtitles.7z


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, unfortunately there are some videos here, like on the Glenn Vilppu Dynamic Gesture Files, there is videos that can’t me played nor downloaded, so far in the Cycle 7 figure 3rd videos like this, could you please have a look at it? Thank you. I will update if i find any others ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m sorry to say, but “02 AWCLDF_Stylized Body Shapes” is apparently corrupted. It only has the audio. Is there any chance that you could re-upload it, please?

    Thank you in advance =)

  3. Thank you so much this is super beneficial!! Will be added the cycle 1-4 and 10-13? Thanks so much for this.

  4. Thank you so much this is super beneficial!! Will be added the cycle 1-4 and 10-13? Thanks so much for this.

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