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An Introduction to Voxel Art for Metaverse Creators with The Sandbox – 메타버스 크리에이터를 위한 복셀 아트 제작 입문 with The Sandbox [Coloso, Joomay, Group Buy]


Release date:2022, August

Duration:10 h 49 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Optimized for the Metabus platform ‘The Sandbox’ with 3 million subscribers: How to create digital assets!​

Do you want to create NFT content with full revenue going back to the creator? Enter the world of Metabus with relatively low difficulty 3D digital art. Learn the voxel art creation process to quickly create assets needed for a game or map that didn’t exist in this world.

Use 3D tools like VOX Edit, Magica Voxel, and Blender to suit your needs. From simple modeling to rendering and animating for voxel art production, the 3D artist Joo Myung will guide you. Joo Myung, the creator of “The Sandbox,” which has many global partners, including Studio Dragon, Pororo, Snoop Dogg, Square Enix, and SM Brand Marketing.

Try to preempt the Metavus market quickly with a portfolio of 3D artist Joo Myung creating trendy digital works.

Why 3D Artist Joo Myung’s Class Is Special:​

Coloso X The Sandbox Official Collaboration Voxel Art Introductory Tutorial: Not only does the visual contain a retro sensibility, but it also takes a short production time. Proud Voxel art!

View The first step in good Voxel art systematically and professionally: Did you want to start? In this class, examples with a total of three concepts are added to the sandbox. Learn how to use 3D tools provided, how to create Voxel art, market monetization through Place Registration, and the Sandbox Creator fund acceptance know-how.

Countless digital items that have been proven to be of maximum value with minimal effort: Implement 3D voxel art assets directly thanks to the case and NFT trading. Of course, try to use a variety of Metaverse games.

In this class, create three concepts of voxels consisting of various elements yourself:
  • Step 01. Football Stadium
  • Step 02. Witch’s Foundation
  • Step 03. Robotics Lab
Class Features:​

Global Metabus Platform ‘The Sandbox’ Gila: With world-class companies, including all elements called true Metabus, “The Sandbox” is attracting attention at home and abroad in collaboration. Take control of the platform in advance so that you can shine as a creator.

Know-how to use free 3D tools for creating digital assets: Easily learn VoxEdit tools, Magica Voxel, and Blender programs that you can download for free. Create 3D digital assets free to use anytime, anywhere, for video, games, NFT, etc.

Metavus Creator, starting with accessible Voxel art: To become the creator of ‘The Sandbox,’ a creator-centric platform, it contains all the digital art production techniques you need. Challenge and monetize creator funds with highly utilized voxel art. Try it.

You can find more details by following this link.
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