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After Effects Master Class from Beginners to Advanced

Release date:2021, May 8

Author:Alireza Maskouki, Milad Ahmadi

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Nowadays, TV commercials have a great impact on attracting customers and selling more products, so creative and attractive video designs are needed in this field, and the use of After Effects software is a good opportunity to use the animation of objects and Provides various texts and beautiful advertising tags in various ads

In order to be able to do typography and Infographics very differently, as well as to control the acceleration of an animation and even have a different equalizer for music, we can create a combination of real film and animation, all of which are part of the after effects Course

Using After Effects, you can add lighting effects to the video or add large traces of smoke to objects so that they look like they are flying over the city. There are many different ways to use After Effects with other programs. After Effects can import 3D scene data and give you a distinct level of composition

Using this excellent and practical software, you can use your individual initiatives and innovations to produce very beautiful and unique videos.

The topics covered in this tutorial are:

  • Familiarity with the program environment and how to upload videos and photos within the program
  • Connection between Illustrator and After Effects and making animation with vectors
  • Animate two-dimensional shapes on a path
  • Create text and control text and learn how to move text on a path
  • Motion logo creation and logo and text with smoke and light effects
  • Define the acceleration and control the speed of the anime at a specific time
  • Learning to control the movement of the animation and how to repeat it and create reciprocating motion for it, as well as vibration issues
  • Define effects and combine effects with masks and create light effects on logos and titles
  • Familiarity with stroke and transition effects
  • Creating a circular wave effect and creating snow and rain effects
  • Learning to create the effect of shattering an image or title
  • Learn to create waves on images
  • Training to create a drift system and create visa effects with the particle technique
  • Fix a burn in the movie and copy it in a period of time, repeat and copy the movement of the animation in a certain period of time
  • Familiarity with three-dimensional layers and creating a three-dimensional cube and rotating it in the after effects space
  • Create light on 3D layers and shadow settings of threads
  • Green curtain technique and control
  • Color settings on the movie or animation, control of color channels and change the color of a subject within the movie
  • Making a music cover in After Effects
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01 Familiarity with the program environment and comp definition
001 Intro
002 Time-copy-splite
003 After-photoshop 1
004 After-photoshop 2,3

02 Move the items inside the page and create a keyframe and also a simple animation
001 Animation 1
002 Animation 2
003 Animation 3

03 Composition settings and how make a slide show
001 Compsetting 1

04 Arrange vector files inside the After Effects and create animations with vectors
001 Illustrator

05 Chapter 5
001 Transform

06 Familiarity with two-dimensional forms of the program and their control
001 Shape
002 Shape-wiggle-twist-zigzag
003 Trimpath
004 Trimpath- arrow
005 Repeater
006 Shape-merge-path
007 Morph & Parent

07 Combine two-dimensional shapes with video or photos
001 Mask

08 Create text and control written text and learn how to move text on a path
001 Text 1
002 Text 2
003 Text 3
004 Text 4

09 Create motion logos as well as create logos and text with smoke and light effect
001 Matte

10 Pre-compose techniques in after effects and making a wipe in motion
001 Percomp 1
002 Percomp 2
003 Percomp 3
004 Wipemotion

11 Define kinetic acceleration and control the animation speed at a specified time
001 graph 1
002 graph 2
003 graph 3

12 Software coding and better control over the movement of subjects
001 Expersion 1
002 Expersion 2
003 expersion loop
004 Expersion & Precomp

13 Define effects and combine effects with masks
001 Black and White
002 Tint
003 cc light sweep
004 cc light rays
005 cc light burts

14 Stroke effect and the techniques of this effect to create a motion logo
001 stroke
002 stroke example
003 autotrace

15 Use the transition effect to move images and create a transition
001 transition effect
002 Transition title
003 lensflare
004 fill ramp grid

16 Creating a circular wave effect and techniques related to this effect
001 radio wave
002 scrible
003 rain snow

17 Create a three-dimensional globe and rotate it and move a title around the globe
001 star burts
002 cc sphere

18 The effect of shattering an image or a title
001 shatter
002 shatter 2

19 Create waves on images
001 wavewarp
002 wavewarp 2

20 Defining the adjustment layer in After Effects and its applications
001 adjustment

21 Puppet effect
001 puppet 1
002 puppet 2
003 puppet 3
004 puppet 4

22 Create a magnifying glass and bend vector threads
001 bend
002 magnify

23 Creating a particle system and special fronts with the particle technique
001 cc particle system II
002 particle world
003 particle world 2

24 Time interval control for an animation
001 time displacement

25 Fix the subject in a movie and copy it in a timeline
001 freez time clip
002 echo

26 camera settings and move the camera in 3D between defined layers
001 3d_1
002 3d_2
003 3d_3
004 3d4_camera
005 3d5_camera 2
006 3d6_camera 3
007 3d7_camera 4

27 Create a three-dimensional cube and rotate it in After Effects space
001 3d cube

28 Create light on three-dimensional layers and shadow settings of subjects
001 light 1
002 light 2
003 light 3

29 Combination techniques and combining real and animated films
001 track001
002 track1
003 track2

30 Green curtain technique and its control
001 green screen

31 Control the color of a movie as well as change the background of a movie
001 color range
002 change background with matte

32 Color settings on a movie or animation, control of color channels
001 hsl

33 Making a music cover in After Effects
001 audio 1
002 audio 2
003 audio 3

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