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Unreal Engine 5 – Creating A Car Racing Game


Release date:2023, December

Duration:05 h 38 m

Author:Nafay Sheikh

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unreal Engine 5 is in high demand, yet it can be overwhelming for newcomers. That’s why I’ve created this course—to guide you through creating a hyper-realistic car racing game from scratch in Unreal Engine 5!

This project-based course covers every aspect of developing a racing game. We’ll start by rigging the car (using Blender 3D), then make it drivable in Unreal Engine, apply textures, and add exciting elements like a timer and checkpoint system. Plus, we’ll craft an entire city environment with realistic roads, buildings, street lights, trees, and more!

While this course is designed to be beginner-friendly in Unreal Engine, having some experience is beneficial. The beauty of this course lies in revealing the raw process of game development. We’ll tackle problems and make creative decisions together!

Why wait? Start today and elevate your Unreal skills to new heights!


The project is straightforward—watch the entire course and create your own game set in your city! You can use the same 3D models I use or explore others. The key is to apply the techniques and skills learned in the class to ensure genuine learning! Bonus points if you model the car and buildings yourself—this will significantly enhance your modeling skills.

Remember to inject your unique touch by using distinctive colors and lighting setups!

Best of luck!

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