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The Ultimate Unity Coloring & Painting Course


Release date:2024, January 2

Duration:04 h 28 m

Author:Tabsil Makes Games

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Colors play a significant role in games and, more broadly, in real life.

Many games center around the painting/coloring mechanic.

If you aspire to create an exceptional game where players can add color to your creations or even the world they inhabit, look no further—this course is for you!

Throughout this course, we will explore five different techniques for creating a coloring game in Unity, with each technique increasing in difficulty.

Starting with the most basic technique, coloring a sprite, we will manage player input to detect any image and color it with the player’s chosen color. This section covers 2D Raycasts, the Input class, and sprite sorting order.

In the second section, we delve into “Line Renderers,” a built-in component that enables drawing lines. We’ll transform it into a paintbrush, exploring how to apply textures, play with colored gradients, and optimize performance.

The third technique teaches you to create infinite worlds if executed correctly. You will learn how to create procedural meshes, texture them using UVs, and optimize them. Additionally, you’ll discover how to mask or restrict your drawing to a plane using the Stencil Buffer.

Moving on to the fourth section, you’ll learn to manipulate textures—a powerful skill that allows pixel-level editing. We’ll color the entire texture, draw a square, and polish the look with a smooth rounded brush.

Recognizing the limitations of manipulating textures, the fifth section introduces leveraging the GPU for a higher frame rate and smoother player experience. You’ll create your shaders, pass a texture to a shader, apply changes, and get the texture back to use on your sprites. A trick to preserve the borders of your drawing, even after coloring, is also shared.

To complete the course, we’ll add colored pencils to the screen’s side for the player to change the brush color and introduce a feature to select the brush size. This final touch will result in an amazing coloring game.

If you’re ready to step up your game development skills and become a Color Master, grab this course today!

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1. Method #1 – Coloring a Whole Sprite

1. Project Setup
2. Coloring One Sprite
3. Dealing with Multiple Sprites
4. Dealing with Multiple Sprites – Part 2

2. Method #2 – Painting with Line Renderers

1. What is a Line Renderer
2. Drawing the First Lines
3. Drawing Better Lines
4. Coloring the Lines
5. Performance Optimization
6. Adding Textures

3. Method #3 – Painting with Procedural Meshes

1. Whats a Procedural Mesh
2. Creating the First Mesh
3. Adding Brush Size
4. Finally Drawing with Meshes
5. Performance Improvement
6. Changing the Mesh Texture
7. Masking

4. Method #4 – Painting on Masked Sprites

1. Coloring the Sprite Texture
2. Coloring the Sprite in a Different Way
3. Drawing our First Square
4. Using Player Input
5. Painting the Sprite Correctly
6. Keeping the Sprite Outline
7. A Smooth Rounded Brush

5. Method #5 – Painting by Leveraging the GPU

1. How to use the GPU to our Advantage
2. Creating the Full Color Shader Graph
3. Using our Shader
4. Drawing Circles with the GPU
5. Better Drawing with the GPU
6. Exporting the APK & Testing
7. Performance Improvements
8. Fixing Graphic Glitch

6. Creating the Actual Coloring Game

1. Creating the Size Buttons
2. Size Buttons Manager
3. A Scroll View for our Pencils
4. The First Pencil Container
5. Our First Pencil is Moving
6. How to Pick a Pencil
7. Finally Chaning the Brush Color

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