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The Ultimate Blender 3D Scenes Creation Course by Alex Cordebard


Release date:2020

Author: Alex Cordebard

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Have you ever wanted to create stunning 3D scenes in Blender but felt overwhelmed with where to start? Look no further! This course will guide you from A to Z in scene creation in Blender. We’ll craft 10 unique and captivating scenes, while learning all the necessary techniques, skills, and methods to create your own masterpieces!

Each section of this course is dedicated to creating a new scene, allowing you to progressively build your skills and knowledge throughout the course.

Here are the 10 scenes we’ll be creating:

  1. Living Room
  2. Surreal Landscape
  3. Sci-Fi Spaceship Hangar
  4. Underwater Coral Reef
  5. Ancient Ruins
  6. Kitchen Product Visualization
  7. Medieval Castle Courtyard
  8. Magical Forest
  9. Animated Cartoon Character
  10. Futuristic Cityscape

For each scene, we’ll delve into various aspects of scene creation, including modeling, texturing, lighting, and more. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in each scene:

  • Living Room: Scene blocking, material creation, particle systems, lighting techniques.
  • Surreal Landscape: Sculpting, vertex painting, geometry nodes, sky creation.
  • Sci-Fi Spaceship Hangar: Modeling, geometry nodes, character rigging, texture creation.
  • Underwater Coral Reef: Ocean creation, caustics, fish distribution, material creation.
  • Ancient Ruins: Stone pattern creation, vegetation, texture mapping, rendering.
  • Kitchen Product Visualization: Modeling techniques, organic object creation, node-based coffee cup creation.
  • Medieval Castle Courtyard: Booleans, modeling, texture creation, final scene composition.
  • Magical Forest: Procedural mushroom creation, grass creation, volumetrics, scene animation.
  • Animated Cartoon Character: Character creation, texturing, rigging, animation, sound integration.
  • Futuristic Cityscape: AI-generated textures, geometry nodes for building distribution, road and bridge creation.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn the workflow for creating scenes while gaining the skills and confidence to create your own captivating scenes in Blender. By the end, you’ll be equipped to bring your creative visions to life in the world of 3D scene creation.

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[Udemy] The Ultimate Blender 3D Scenes Creation Course by Alex Cordebard
01. Getting Started With Blender

01. Downloading & Installing Blender
02. Blenders Interface
03. Navigating In Blender
04. Manipulating Objects
05. Object & Edit Mode

02. Living Room Scene

01. Blocking Out The Living Room
02. Making The Couch
03. Making Table & Lamps
04. Making Sliding Glass Doors
05. Texturing Our Couch & Table
06. Texturing The Floor & Ceiling
07. Making The Plants
08. Making The Carpet
09. Finishing The Texturing
10. Lighting Our Scene
11. Adding Dust Particles
12. Rendering & Compositing Our Scene

03. Surreal Landscape Scene

01. Sculpting The Surreal Landscape Part 1
02. Sculpting The Surreal Landscape Part 2
03. Sculpting The Surreal Landscape Part 3
04. Vertex Painting The Landscape
05. Sculpting The Planets
06. Making The Grass
07. Adding Trees to Our Scene
08. Using Attribute Factor For Details
09. Texturing The Rocks
10. Creating The Sky Using Nodes
11. Adding The Clouds & Fog
12. Adding Background Mountains
13. Creating Bushes
14. Finishing Our Scene Part 1
15. Finishing Our Scene Part 2

04. Sci-Fi Spaceship Hangar Scene

01. Blocking Out Sci-Fi Hangar
02. Blocking Out Sci-Fi Spaceship
03. Detailing Our Scene
04. Adding Materials to Our Scene
05. Creating Edge Wear With Bevel Node
06. Lighting Our Scene
07. Making An Astronaut
08. Rigging Our Astronaut
09. Miscellaneous Things In Our Scene
10. Rendering & Compositing

05. Underwater Coral Reef Scene

01. Blocking Out The Coral Reef Part 1
02. Blocking Out The Coral Reef Part 2
03. Blocking Out The Coral Reef Part 3
04. Making The Ocean
05. Creating Caustics
06. Creating Materials For Coral
07. Creating Materials For Rocks
08. Distributing The Coral
09. Making The Fish
10. Distributing The Fish
11. Rendering & Compositing

06. Ancient Ruins Scene

01. Blocking Out The Ruins Part 1
02. Blocking Out The Ruins Part 2
03. Creating The Stones Pattern With Geometry Nodes
04. Making The Pillars & Stairs
05. Detailing The Scene Part 1
06. Detailing The Scene Part 2
07. Creating Grass With Alpha Images
08. Creating The Vines With Geo Nodes
09. Texturing Our Scene
10. Lighting Our Scene
11. Finishing Our Scene
12. Rendering & Compositing

07. Kitchen Scene

01. Blocking Out The Kitchen
02. Detailing The Kitchen Part 1
03. Detailing The Kitchen Part 2
04. Making The Coffee Pot
05. Adding Food
06. Making A Tomato
07. Texturing Our Scene
08. Texturing Our Scene Part 2
09. Lighting Our Scene
10. Making Plants
11. Making A Teapot
12. Making A Cup of Coffee
13. Rendering & Compositing Our Scene

08. Medieval Castle Courtyard Scene

01. Blocking Out Our Scene
02. Blocking Out Our Scene Part 2
03. Blocking Out Our Scene Part 3
04. Texturing Our Scene Part 1
05. Texturing Our Scene Part 2
06. Texturing Our Scene Part 3
07. Adding Objects Into Our Scene
08. Adding Objects Into Our Scene Part 2
09. Finalizing Our Scene Part 1
10. Finalizing Our Scene part 2
11. Rendering & Compositing

09. Magical Forest Scene

01. Making The Mushrooms Part 1
02. Making The Tree
03. Making The Grass
04. Adding Misc to The Grass
05. Adding The Background
06. Making The Path
07. Finalizing Our Scene
08. Rendering & Compositing

10. Animated Cartoon Character Scene

01. Blocking Out Our Character
02. Rigging Our Character
03. Creating IK Setup
04. Adding Clothes to Our Character
05. Making The Eyes
06. Adding Materials to Our Character
07. Animating Our Character
08. Animating Our Character Part 2
09. Animating Our Character Part 3
10. Animating Our Character Part 4
11. Animating Our Character Part 5

11. Futuristic Cityscape Scene

01. Blocking Out Our Buildings
02. Creating The Nighttime City Lights
03. Creating The Main Buildings
04. Creating The Rest of The City
05. Creating More Skyscrapers
06. Finishing Our Scene
07. Rendering & Compositing

12. Farewells & Goodbyes

01. Bonus Lecture

[Udemy] The Ultimate Blender 3D Scenes Creation Course by Alex Cordebard.7z

[Udemy] The Ultimate Blender 3D Scenes Creation Course by Alex Cordebard_Subtitles.7z

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