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Revit MEP- Sanitary- Pipe Design and Revit 3D Modeling


Release date:2020

Duration:09 h 23 m

Author:Amir Karami

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This is a project-based course where all covered topics have been applied in real-world projects.

Do you want to learn how to model sanitary systems?

Are you familiar with the industry standards for sanitary modeling?

Do you understand how to apply technical and operational aspects in modeling?

This practical training course is designed for mechanical, electrical, architectural, and structural engineers, providing insights into sanitary modeling with various materials and addressing technical standards and implementation essentials. Notably, the “Left Hand Golden Rule” simplifies the modeling of diverse sanitary systems.

The course offers a balanced approach, providing simplified techniques for beginners while remaining relevant for plumbing experts. It consists of three project-based modules covering all aspects of sanitary modeling. Visual aids showcasing completed projects enhance comprehension, and upon completion, participants will gain proficiency in sewer pipe modeling for versatile projects.

Key Highlights:

  • Sanitary Modeling with Various Materials
  • Placing Different Sanitary Fixtures
  • Defining Different Pipe Slopes
  • Modeling Sanitary Risers
  • Familiarity with Warnings and Errors
  • Defining New Fittings
  • Linking Plan Settings
  • Sanitary Modeling for a Parking Project
  • Sanitary and Vent Modeling for a Toilet Project
  • Modeling Sanitary for an Office Building Project

Please enroll in this course and feel free to ask me any questions you have while watching it. I’m here to guide you through the learning process of sanitary piping modeling and to help you become proficient in BIM and Excel.

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[Udemy] Revit MEP- Sanitary- Pipe Design and Revit 3D Modeling

03. Revit Versions
04. Templates & Families
05. Revit Environment
06. Shortcut Keys


07. Initial Settings (Part 1)
08. Initial Settings (Part 2)
09. Defining PVC Fittings
10. Drawing Sanitary Branches
11. Floor Drain and Cleanout Placement
12. Modeling Sanitary Riser


14. Initial Settings
15. Modeling Heavy Wastewater
16. Modeling Light Wastewater (Floor Drain)
17. Modeling Light Wastewater (Lavatory)
18. Modeling Light Wastewater (Riser)
19. Modeling Vent System


21. Initial Settings
22. Project Browser Window
23. Discipline and Sub-Discipline
24. View Template
25. Views Setting (Part 1)
26. Views Setting (Part 2)
27. Section, 3D, Elevation Setting


29. Sanitary Drawing Setting
30. Pipe and Fittings Setting
31. Modeling Sanitary Main Lines
32. Connecting the Branches to Main Line
33. Suggesting New Sanitary Line
34. Connecting Fixtures To Main line (Part 1)
35. Connecting Fixtures To Main line (Part 2)
36. Cleanout Modeling
37. Vent System Modeling
38. Clash Detections
39. Copying Sanitary and Vent System to Floors
40. Additional Tips


41. Modeling Rainwater Pipes
42. Modeling Different Type of Pipes
43. Photos of Sanitary Pipes


44. View Range

[Udemy] Revit MEP- Sanitary- Pipe Design and Revit 3D Modeling.7z.rar

[Udemy] Revit MEP- Sanitary- Pipe Design and Revit 3D Modeling_Subtitles.7z

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