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Photoshop plus – 30 days challenge to learn adobe photoshop


Release date:2023

Duration:07 h 04 m

Author:Joseph adam

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course is a full program to learn graphic design with Adobe Photoshop. It covers topics from the basics of graphic design to advanced level and aims to help students create any design they want without any help. The course is divided into four weeks and covers topics such as working with projects, retouching tools, filters, painting brushes, commercial designs, photo manipulation, camera raw filter, and animated designs. By the end of the course, students will have great knowledge in graphic design and be able to start their careers as a designer and create their own artistic designs.

Join me in this comprehensive course to learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop for graphic design. This is not just a simple course on tools but a complete program to master the art of graphic design from scratch. We will start with the basics of the layers system and visual design principles, and progress step by step to an intermediate and advanced level. By the end of the course, you will be able to create any design without assistance confidently.

Throughout the 30-day training program, you will learn a new and different aspect of graphic design each day, bringing you closer to becoming a professional graphic designer and enhancing your online and offline business.

The course is divided into four easy-to-follow weeks. In the first week, we will learn how to work with projects in Photoshop, including important tools for selection, cropping, merging, and retouching images. We will also explore the adjustments layer for color editing and the layer style window for adding text effects.

In the second week, we will delve into working with filters and painting brushes to create artistic designs, as well as tips and tricks to make the process more efficient.

In the third week, we will move to the next level by learning how to create commercial designs such as flyers, business cards, t-shirts, social media graphics, and web ad banners in various sizes.

In the fourth week, we will focus on photo manipulation, merging images in a professional manner, adjusting colors, sizes, lighting, and adding details and effects to designs. We will also explore the camera raw filter for editing and enhancing images taken with both phone and professional cameras. Additionally, we will learn how to create animated designs using the timeline feature in the software.

By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of graphic design and be able to pursue a career as a designer and create your own unique designs. This course will take you from a novice with no experience in graphic design to a skilled and professional designer.


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01. Introduction

01. Introduction
02. Software shortcuts

02. Photoshop basics

01. First week
02. create new project
03. setting the interface
04. toolsbar
05. import media to Photoshop
06. move tool and zoom tool

03. Layers window

01. Layers menu
02. how to scale layers
03. how to duplicate layers
04. how to merge layers
05. blending mode menu and opacity
06. create a clipping mask
07. First homework
08. creating the first homework

04. transform and crop tools

01. transform tools
02. crop tool
03. history window
04. second homework
05. creating second homework

05. Selection and mask tools

01. object selection tool
02. Quick selection tool
03. lasso tool polygonal lasso tool and magnetic lasso tool
04. select and mask hair
05. Marquee tool
06. third homework
07. creating third homework

06. Retouching tools

01. Spot healing brush tool
02. Healing brush tool
03. Patch tool
04. Content aware move tool
05. clone stamp tool
06. fourth homework
07. creating fourth homework

07. Adjustments layer

01. Levels
02. Vibrance
03. Hue saturation
04. whitening teeth
05. Black and white
06. Adjustment layers
07. Colorize black and white photos
08. Colorize white shirts
09. fifth homework
10. create fifth homework

08. Shapes tools

01. Create shapes
02. custom shape tool
03. Colorize shapes in gradient colors
04. Pen tool
05. sixth homework
06. creating sixth homework

09. Text tools

01. How to type text in photoshop
02. type text using shapes
03. warp text
04. How to type a paragraph
05. seventh homework
06. creating seventh homework

10. Layer style

01. Layer style
02. creating a metallic text style
03. 3D text design
04. Inscribed text design
05. eighth homework
06. creating eighth homework

11. Fllters menu

01. second week
02. How to add filters
03. Blur filters
04. Lens flare filter
05. How to add trees to images
06. Ninth homework
07. Creating Ninth homework

12. Smart object

01. Smart object
02. Tenth homework
03. Creating Tenth homework

13. Brush tools

01. Brush tool
02. Create a custom brush
03. Brush shortcuts
04. Opacity and symmetry
05. Download and import brushes to the photoshop
06. Create your own brush
07. Art history brush tool
08. Eleventh homework
09. Creating eleventh homework

14. Tips and tricks

01. Sky replacement tool
02. How to remove characters and objects from photos
03. Content aware scale
04. Change billboards photos
05. Change object package
06. Object orientation
07. How to Crop objects with their original shadow
08. Painting text on surfaces
09. Puppet warp
10. Create an object reflection
11. Add shadow to characters
12. Hovering objects shadow
13. Objects shadow
14. Text masking
15. How to add light reflection effect to images
16. How to remove text from images
17. How to straighten tilted images

15. Effects menu

01. Polar coordinate effect
02. Neon light effect
03. Photo manipulation ( road into sea)
04. Light beam effect
05. Sunglasses effect
06. Rain effect
07. Glass effect
08. How to light a lamp

16. Freelancing designs

01. third week
02. Create business flyer
03. Create flyer mockup
04. Create artistic flyer
05. Create websites ad banners
06. Art board tool
07. Social media design
08. Create business card (first face)
09. Create business card (second face)
10. Business card mockup
11. T-shirt design
12. T-shirt mockup

17. Photo Manipulation First design

01. forth week
02. Setting up the background
03. Adding entrances to the design
04. Adding boat to the design

18. Photo Manipulation Second design

01. Setting up the background
02. Adding the grass
03. fire effect
04. Adding car
05. Adding character
06. Adding fire splashes
07. Editing colors using camera raw filter

19. Photo Manipulation Third design

01. Setting up the background
02. Adding columns
03. Adding the tiger and lightning
04. Adding the character
05. Adding the mountain
06. Final touches

20. camera raw filter

01. Camera raw filter
02. White balance
03. The basic menu
04. Curve menu
05. Detail menu
06. Color mixer
07. Color grading
08. Obtics menu
09. Geometry menu
10. Effects
11. Calibration

21. Motion graphics

01. Introduction to animation in photoshop
02. Create first animated banner
03. Create second animated banner
04. Create video timeline
05. Twelfth homework
06. Create twelfth homework

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