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Learn Stylized Game Art Creation – Blender and Painter


Release date:2022, March

Author:Victor Deno

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What you’ll learn

  • Modeling and Sculpting your Stylized model in Blender
  • Proper UV Mapping work flow in Blender
  • Texturing in Substance Painter
  • Lighting and Presenting your assets for your portfolio
  • Exporting to Game Engines for Game Developers

Beginner knowledge in blender will help

Want to make beautiful game ready stylized props? Blender is slowly being adopted by big companies such as Ubisoft and EA as well as many up and coming indie studios as their main software of choice to make game art! While the software is impressive with many features and affordability, the documentation for a game art workflow in blender is still scarce, I hope to bring the necessary information and techniques you help you transition or start making game assets with blender

Learn all the necessary tools and tips to create game ready assets while creating 2 stylized projects from scratch. The goal of this course is to bridge the gap to create game art with more affordable software but still keeping industry standard workflows. For the best experience, the entire project takes a hands on approach to learning and you build all the assets from scratch. The source files are also provided for reference and study.

What you will Learn

  • 3D Modeling in Blender
  • Stylized Sculpting in Blender
  • Game asset optimizations and UV Unwrapping
  • Baking proper texture maps like Normal, Curvature and Occlusion
  • Stylized Texturing in Painter
  • Lighting and rendering in Blender
  • Compositing
  • Exporting to Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Finishing 2 projects from scratch!

Who is Course for?
Beginner users who want to create unique game props
More intermediate users who are struggling with the game art workflow

Who is Course for?
For Aspiring stylized 3D artists and Game Devs

Watch online or Download for Free
01 – Stylized Hammer

001 Trailer
002 Navigation and Interface
003 Adding References and Transforms
004 Hammer Modeling 1
005 Common Modeling Tools
006 Hammer Modeling 2
007 Common Modeling Problems
008 Preparing Meshes
009 Sculpting Brush Setup
010 Hammer Sculpting 1
011 Hamer Sculpting 2
012 Rock Sculpting Demo
013 Hammer Rock Sculpting
014 Wood Sculpt Demo
015 Sculpting Wood handle
016 Mesh Prep & UV Basics for Games
017 Low Poly Prep
018 UV Unwrapping Hammer
019 Exporting Meshes and Baking
020 Substance Basics and Techniques
021 Creating the Rock Material
022 Creating the Metal Material
023 Creating the Emission material
024 Creating the Wood Material
025 Post Process Filters
026 Exporting to Blender
027 Lighting and Rendering
028 Compositing
029 Exporting to Unreal
030 Exporting to Unity

02 – Stylized Sword

001 Modeling the Hilt
002 Modeling the Base
003 Modeling the Base Sides
004 Modeling the Blade 1
005 Modeling the Blade 2
006 Modeling the Highpoly 1
007 Modeling the Highpoly 2
008 Modeling the Highpoly 3
009 Modeling the Highpoly 4
010 Sculpting the Hilt 1
011 Sculpting the Hilt 2
012 Sculpting the Handle
013 Sculpting the Sword Base 1
014 Sculpting the Sword Base 2
015 Sculpting the Sword Base 3
016 Sculpting the Sword Base 4
017 Sculpting Sword Blade 1
018 Sculpting the Sword Blade 2
019 Sculpting the Sword Blade 3
020 Organizing Meshes
021 Optimizing and Preparing Low poly
022 UV and Packing Sword
023 Material ID
024 Baking Mesh Maps
025 Creating Gold Material
026 Creating Crystal Material
027 Creating Light Metal Material
028 Creating Dark Metal Material
029 Painting Material ID
030 Cloth Material
031 Adjusting Colors
032 Lighting and Rendering
033 Compositing
Section 2 Project Files.7z.rar

[Udemy] Learn Stylized Game Art Creation – Blender and Painter_Subtitles.7z

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