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Character Drawing Essentials – From Beginner to Intermediate


Release date:2023, November

Duration:03 h 56 m

Author:Milad Ahmadi, Mila Keller

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Have you ever dreamt of bringing enchanting characters to life through your own artistic expression? Now is your chance to delve into the art of human character drawing, starting from the basics.

This course offers you the opportunity to learn the foundational principles of character design using simple tools such as pencil and paper. Dive into various topics, including crafting the overall head structure, utilizing geometric shapes for character construction, forming facial features, creating dynamic figure poses, and even mastering the art of drawing complete multi-character scenarios.

By the course’s conclusion, not only will you have a solid grasp of the fundamental principles of character drawing, but you’ll also possess the ability to breathe life into characters teeming with personality and engagement. The transformative journey through this course will cultivate your creativity and hone your skills as an artist in the captivating world of character drawing.

Additional Details:

Course Structure: The course unfolds in easily digestible modules, each dedicated to a specific aspect of character design. From understanding head anatomy to crafting intricate multi-character scenes, you’ll progress step by step, building a comprehensive skill set along the way.

Portfolio Building: As you advance through the course, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to construct a portfolio showcasing the evolution of your character design skills. This portfolio will become a valuable asset for future endeavors in the field, allowing you to demonstrate your growth and proficiency.

Unleash your imagination and artistic prowess by joining us in the captivating world of character design! Let’s bring your characters to life together.

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