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3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya by CG BLAST


Release date:2023, March

Duration:05 h 27 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

If you’re interested in starting your journey in 3D animation and pursuing a career in the film and games industry, this course is perfect for you! Regardless of your prior experience, this beginner’s 3D animation course will teach you how to animate from scratch.

You’ll learn how to use Autodesk Maya software and set up a professional workflow for animating. The main objective of the classes is to introduce you to the 12 principles of animation through various tasks and projects, which will help you build a strong foundation in 3D animation. So, if you’re curious about the 3D world and want to learn how to bring objects and characters to life, this course is the perfect starting point!

The 3D animation course offered is divided into nine sections, each of which is designed to be completed within one week. At the beginning of the course, simple animation tasks are provided to help get you familiarized with the Maya software and its toolset. As you progress through each section, the course covers the theory of a new animation principle and gradually introduces more complex animations. Finally, the course moves on to character animation, where the most intricate animation pieces will be created. This includes a change in character emotion, a ‘vanilla’ walk cycle, and a more personalized walk cycle. By the end of the course, you will have covered the majority of the fundamental principles of animation and should feel comfortable with Maya’s tools.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to efficiently use Autodesk Maya software and establish a professional workflow for animating. Designed with beginners in mind, it will lay a solid foundation for future work and teach you how to animate from scratch. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in the film or games industry, this course is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to take their first steps.

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01 – Introduction to Maya Animation Tools

01 – Maya Interface Timeline
02 – Maya Interface Keyframes
03 – Maya Interface Graph Editor
04 – Maya Interface Object Speed

02 – Introduction to Maya Rig

05 – 3D Rig Bones Controls
06 – Maya Interface Scene Improvement
07 – Airplane Flight Root Control Animation
08 – Airplane Flight Propeller Animation

03 – Principles of Animation Posing

09 – Posing Line of Action Silhouette
10 – Rig Overview
11 – Posing the Character Part I
12 – Posing the Character Part II

04 – Principles of Animation Timing Spacing Ease In Ease Out

13 – Timing Spacing
14 – Ease In Ease Out
15 – Simple Ball Bounce
16 – Complete Ball Bounce

05 – Principles of Animation Squash Stretch Anticipation

17 – Squash Stretch
18 – Improving the Ball Bounce
19 – Anticipation Theory
20 – Anticipation Jump

06 – Principles of Animation Overlapping Action Follow Through Arcs

22 – Grass Wave
23 – Arm Swing
24 – Character Turn Key Poses
25 – Character Turn Adding Overlap

07 – Principles of Animation Overview

26 – Workflow Overview
27 – Pose Analysis
28 – Mood Change Key Poses
29 – Mood Change Breakdown Poses
30 – Mood Change Inbetweens
31 – Mood Change Final Polish

08 – Vanilla Walk Cycle

32 – Walk Cycle Theory
34 – Breakdown Poses
35 – Adding More Flexibility
36 – Arm Movement
37 – Leg Movement Final Polish

09 – Working with Constraints Walk Cycle with an Object

38 – Introduction Rig Overview
39 – Hand Driven Prop Constraint
40 – Prop Driven Hand Constraint
41 – Prop to Both Hands Constraint
42 – Walk Cycle Key Poses
43 – Walk Cycle Timing Adjustments Final Polish

[Udemy] 3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya by CG BLAST.7z

[Udemy] 3D Animation Course for Beginners in Maya by CG BLAST_Subtitles.7z

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  1. There’s a couple videos lacking from this:

    21 – Overlapping Action & Follow Through, Arcs
    33 – Contact Poses

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