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Unleash Anatomy


Release date:2022, September

Author:Ryan Kingslien

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Master the Rules of Artistic Anatomy
8 Weeks of Intensive Training
Weekly Challenges
Interactive Critiques
Live Q&A
Invitation to a Private Facebook Group
Learn the Proven System to Master Anatomy
Identify the Anatomy You Need to know
Make Anatomy Work for You: Stretch it, Twist it, Play with it
Create a System for Anatomy that YOU Control and get realistic results every time
Don’t Let Gaps in Knowledge Slow Down Your Creativity

Watch online or Download for Free
01.The Framework

01.Welcome and Hello
02.Rule Discovery Exercise
03.Reframing Exercise
04.Action List
05.Limiting Beliefs
06.Drawing Exercise Draw A Portrait
07.Sculpting Exercise Sculpt A Portrait.Anatomy Is Not Enough

02.The Training Room

01.The Training Room Introduction
02.Identity Vs Strategies
03.Assists Plexiglass
04.Corrective Repetition In Drawing
05.Corrective Repetition
06.Feel It
07.Assists Tracing Paper
08.Assists Antonio Lopez Garcia
09.To My ZBrushers

03.The Library

01.The Library Overview
02.Bony Landmarks
03.Guides Arcs, Lines, Shapes
04.Landmarks On Posed Models

04.Muscles Of The Torso

01.Muscles Of Torso
02.Pectoralis Part 1
03.Pectoralis Part 2
04.Deltoid Part 1
05.Deltoid Part 2
06.Trapezius Part 1
07.Trapezius Part 2

05.Sculpting The Torso In Clay

01.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Armature
02.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Proportions
03.Sculpting The Torso In Clay The Cylinder
04.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Side View
05.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Three Quarters View
06.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Midsection
07.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Upper Leg
08.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Shaping The Leg
09.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Shaping Torso
10.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Smoothing
11.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Structure Part 2
12.Sculpting The Torso In Clay Adding Symmetry

06.The Leg

01.Leg Structure – Neutral – Armature
02.Leg Structure – Neutral – Base Shape
03.Leg Structure – Neutral – Bone Mapping
04.Leg Structure – Neutral – Side View
05.Leg Structure – Neutral – Front View Mapping
06.Leg Structure – Neutral – Front View
07.Leg Structure – Neutral – Three Quarters For Lower Leg
08.Leg Structure – Neutral – Three Quarters For Upper Leg

07.The Head

01.Head in Clay 1 – Armature
02.Head in Clay 2 – Side View
03.Head in Clay 3 – Front View
04.Head in Clay 4 – Shoulder Base

Live Sessions

01.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 080115
02.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 080815
03.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 081515
04.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 082915
05.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 090515
06.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 091215
07.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 091915(The Arm)
08.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 092615(The Lower Arm)
09.Unleash Anatomy.Live Session 100315

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