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Tony Harmer Illustrator for the In-House Designer


Release date:2018, June 26

Duration:01 h 17 m

Author:Tony Harmer

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Many companies are bringing design in-house for greater creative control and cost efficiency. However, you may find the role of an in-house designer is very different from that of a freelancer. There is a stronger emphasis on templates and styles, consistent file output, and shared workflows. This course helps designers transition their Illustrator skills to in-house design work, with a focus on efficiency, compatibility, and collaboration. Designer and creative consultant Tony Harmer shows how to produce graphics for print and digital display; work more effectively with Illustrator artboards, symbols, and layers; and prepare files for print production. Plus, learn about some useful Illustrator scripts and plugins to save you time on common design tasks, including sketching, halftone shading, and isometry.

Watch Tony’s companion course, Photoshop for the In-House Designer, to learn time-saving techniques using Photoshop templates, presets, brushes, and more.

Topics include:

  • Producing print and digital graphics
  • Using artboards, layers, and libraries
  • File output formats
  • Using Asset Export
  • Creating symbols and libraries
  • SVG interactivity
  • Print production
  • Using Illustrator plugins
Table of Contents

Welcome 1m 48s
1. Producing Print Graphics in Illustrator
Print color considerations 2m 11s
Document raster effects 2m 31s
Using artboards as pages 1m 52s
Using layers for substitutions 2m 46s
Using libraries effectively 3m
File output formats 2m 13s
2. Producing Digital Graphics in Illustrator
Digital color considerations 2m 11s
Working with artboards 2m 1s
Layer and object naming 1m 39s
Working with Asset Export 2m 14s
Using symbols and libraries 2m 7s
Image formats 2m 53s
SVG 4m 36s
SVG interactivity in Illustrator 2 m 44s
Create a usable image map 2m 29s
3. Basic Print Production in Illustrator
Print production in a nutshell 1m 44s
About spot colors 2m 35s
Adding a varnish plate 2m 18s
Overprint view 2m 35s
Separations preview 3m 16s
Creating a multitone single color File 2m 41s
Many flavors of PDF 3m 4s
4. Using Plugins
Some useful Illustrator scripts 3m 19s
DynamicSketch 2 m 43s
VectorScribe 3m 21s
Phantasm 2m 1s
MirrorMe 2m 6s
VectorFirstAid 2m 35s
Nimbling SSR30 2m 17s
Next steps 1m 13s

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