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The Complete Guide to Creating Futuristic 3D Characters [Coloso, Matthieu Martin, Group Buy]


Release date:2023, September 19

Duration:06 h 45 m

Author:Matthieu Martin

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Matthieu Martin, the 3D Character Artist, emphasizes, ‘The key to creating futuristic elements is adding realistic touches of detail.’ Want to learn an easier way to craft unique futuristic characters? Embark on a journey to construct a surreal universe while mastering various techniques for implementing skin textures, cyberpunk clothing design, animations, and more.

Expert 3D Character Artist Matthieu Martin’s Portfolio

Class Exercises:​

  1. Daz 3D Character Base
  2. Skin Textures Method 1
  3. Skin Textures Method 2
  4. Skin Textures Method 3
  5. Futuristic Body Implant Design
  6. Cyberpunk Clothing Design: Top & Bottom
  7. Cyberpunk Clothing Design: Jacket
  8. Futuristic Body Animation
  9. Futuristic Loop Animation


Adding Realistic Touches to 3D Models:
Discover how to infuse realism into your characters by enhancing skin and hair textures. By the end of this class, your characters will exhibit redness, freckles, pores, and wrinkles akin to real humans.

Designing Cyberpunk Clothes:
The style plays a pivotal role in shaping a character’s universe. Explore the nuances of cyberpunk fashion trends and learn to infuse your characters with unique futuristic flair.

Loop Animation of Futuristic Assets:
Enrich your designs with simple yet creative animations that accentuate the futuristic elements of your characters. This is an excellent strategy to elevate your portfolio and distinguish your work.

You’ll Learn:​

Character Setup:
Master the foundational setup of your character, laying the groundwork for developing a surreal character universe.

Texturing Skin & Hair for Realistic Expression:
Explore diverse techniques for effortlessly creating realistic skin and hair textures using Octane.

Designing Cyberpunk Face & Body Implants:
Learn to craft distinctive futuristic implants using alphas with Octane.

Designing Futuristic Clothing:
Utilize CLO3D to design clothing ranging from t-shirts to lifelike jackets.

Futuristic Elements:
Explore various modeling and kitbashing techniques to craft futuristic assets.

Post Production & Simple Animation:
Study methods for compositing and kitbashing art, and learn different approaches to creating animations that highlight the futuristic elements of a character.

You can find more details by following this link.

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