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Surfacing a Datsun 240Z with Rhino 3D (V6 or V5) Level 2


Release date:2020, May 8

Author:Alexandre Galin

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

This Level 2 course is an in depth lesson on creating surfaces using the Datsun 240 Z as a subject. This course is recommended for users already familiar with Rhino 3D’s working environment and tools.

We will explore surfacing, using Rhino V6 . However, V5 users can also follow along.

Rendering will be done with Rhino Render Cycles and then using Vray for Rhino ( Vray 3.4 or later ).

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01 Introduction
02 Topology
03 Intersect Plane and IPlane
04 Opening the File
05 Placing the first point in 3D
06 Creating the first section
07 Adding 3D curves
08 Building the cage with 3D curves
09 Creating the first surfaces
10 Creating the hood surface
11 Match Surface Observation
12 Trimed Untrimed and Extend Surface
13 Set Points
14 The Side View Window
15 The Windscreen
16 The Roof Top
17 The Roof Top part 2
18 Improving the Side Window
19 Working on the side panels
20 Working on the side panels part 2
21 Working on the side panels part 3
22 Working on the side Panels part 4
23 Working on the side Panels part 5
24 Working on the side Panels part 6
25 Trimming some surfaces
26 Working on the aft part
27 Finishing the Headlights
28 Resurfacing part of the headlight with Xnurbs
29 Projecting Curves
30 Creating the headlight cover
31 Adding the Lip
32 Offsetting Surfaces
33 Grouping Objects
34 Working on the blends for the Wheel Well
35 Working on the Wheel Well
36 Adding Thicknesses to the wheel wells
37 Working the blends
38 Checking and fine tuning Surfaces before adding
39 Working on blends part 2
40 Working on blends part 3
41 Reworking a few surfaces fine tuning
42 Creating the Character line
43 Working on the Front end
44 Adding fillets
45 Working on the headlight cover
46 Making some adjustments
47 Making the front Bumper
48 Filleting the fuel Cap
49 Adding Fillets to the door panel
50 Touch ups and details added
51 The wheel
52 The Tire
53 Organizing your 3D data as grouped elements
54 Using the Rhino Render
55 Image Mapping logos
56 Rendering with Vray part 1
57 Rendering with Vray part 2
58 Rendering with Vray part 3
59 Rendering with Vray part 4
60 Rendering with Vray part 5
61 Conclusion

[Udemy] Surfacing a Datsun 240Z with Rhino 3D (V6 or V5) Level 2.7z

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