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Photorealism with Corona Renderer


Release date:2022

Author:Giona Andreani, Gianpiero Monopoli

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The creation of 3D photorealistic images is nowadays a frequent request from Clients. By combining SOA experience, gained in over 10 years of production, and the use of Corona Renderer, we developed a course that will let you achieve incredible results quickly and easily. Please check the Calendar page to see next dates for the live webinars. All webinars last 3 days and take place in the afternoon (approx 2 hours each). Italian timezone.

Watch online or Download for Free
01. Introduction to Corona Renderer

01.1 The Corona Renderer Interface
01.2 Understanding Photography how the camera works

02. Start with Corona Renderer

02.1 The Corona Renderer VFB
02.2 Understanding the Tone Mapping
02.3 LUT – Look Up Table – SOA Academy
02.4 How to save – SOA Academy
02.5 The Corona Image Editor

03. The Corona Camera and Effects

03.1 Exploring the Corona Camera parameters
03.2 Depht of Field how to setup and how to control it
03.3 Motion Blur how to setup and how to control it
03.4 Bokeh effect and Custom aperture maps
03.5 Bloom and Glare effect

04. The Improved Corona Sun and Sky

04.1 How to create the Corona Sun and Sky
04.2 Parameters explanation of Corona Sun
04.3 Parameters explanation of Corona Sky
04.4 Daylight System and its Parameters

05. Image Based Lighting in Corona Renderer

05.1 HDRI concept
05.2 How to recognise quality hdri_s
05.3 How to create a coronaBitmap for Image Based Lighting
05.4 Use of the Corona Color Correction on an HDRI for Image Based Lighting
05.5 Connection of an HDRI with a Corona Sun
05.6 The Multimaps option to explore different lighting scenarios
05.7 The LightMix – how to generate and use it

07. The Corona Lights

07.1 The Lights in the real world
07.2 How the create lights in Corona and parameters
07.3 Differences between the Corona Light types
07.4 IES lights – SOA Academy
07.5 Corona Light Materials

09. Atmospheric Effects

09.1 The importance of the Atmosphere in Photography and Paints
09.2 The Corona Volume Material
09.3 How to create volumetric fog
09.4 How to create God rays
09.5 How to create clouds

10. Materials

10.01 The PBR method
10.02 The Corona Physical Material
10.03 Metalness
10.04 Translucency
10.05 Reflection
10.06 Anisotropy
10.07 Refraction
10.08 Dispersion
10.09 Caustics
10.10 Volumetrics and SSS
10.11 Bump _ Displacement
10.12 Advanced Options
10.13 Clearcoat
10.14 Sheen layer

11. Shading with Corona Renderer

11.01 Simple Plastic
11.02 Wood
11.03 Chrome
11.04 Brushed Metals
11.05 Galvanized Metals
11.06 Glass
11.07 SandBlasted Glass
11.08 Water
11.09 Curtains
11.10 Leaf and Grass
11.11 How to use the Multimap Texture
11.13 Distance map
11.14 CoronaAO texture
11.15 The Corona Round Edges
11.16 Displacement mapping

14. RenderElements

14.1 The most common used render elements for the post-processing
14.2 The CMASKING_Mask and ID Tool
14.3 Render only Masks option on Corona Renderer

15. Corona Rendering Parameters

15.1 Render Theory the render engine demystified
15.2 Quality Settings in Corona Renderer the noise Level Limit
15.3 Denoising
15.4 GIvsAA Balance
15.5 GI calculation in Corona Renderer
15.6 Resumable rendering
15.7 Distributed Rendering
15.8 How to render multiple images batch render and Backburner
15.9 How to render an animation in Corona Render

16. Corona Proxy

16.1 How to create the Corona Proxy and Parameters

17. The Corona Scatter

17.1 How to use the Corona Scatter
17.2 Option of the Corona scatter
17.3 Scattering cars in a Parking Lot
17.4 How to make a Grass Field with a Path of Gravel

18. Common causes of noise in Corona Renderer

18.1 How to fix noise scenario 1
18.2 How to fix noise scenario 2
18.3 How to fix noise scenario 3


01. Webinar #1 Lighting – Corona
02. Webinar #2 Materials – Corona
03. Q&A Webinar – Corona

[SOA Academy] Photorealism with Corona Renderer.7z.001
[SOA Academy] Photorealism with Corona Renderer.7z.002
[SOA Academy] Photorealism with Corona Renderer.7z.003
[SOA Academy] Photorealism with Corona Renderer.7z.004
[SOA Academy] Photorealism with Corona Renderer_Subtitles.7z

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