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Beyond the Logo – Storytelling with an Animated Logo & Brand Video


Release date:2022, December

Author:Khadija El Sharawy

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

About This Class
There is nothing like seeing your logo and brand identity come to life through animation, music and motion graphics! This is where brand videos come in. Brand videos help build awareness, educate, entertain or inspire your audience towards a certain action for your brand. In a world now where everything is moving from pictures to videos, us graphic designers need to step up our animation game and bring our brands to life!

What will I learn in this class?

1- What are brand videos and why they’re important?
2- The 360 degree method of story building
3- Drafting a creative brief
4- Constructing a story structure and timeline
5- Storyboarding
6- Layering files on Illustrator
7- Picking the music for the video
8- Setting up your file on After Effects
9- A step by step, detailed, deep-dive into animation on After Effects
10- Exporting on After Effects
11- Recap with 10 golden tips

Who is this class for?

1- Seasoned designers who have brand identities and are looking to bring them to life through animation and brand videos

2- Total beginners who are new to branding and want to understand how the process is created from scratch and you will also pick up a lot of tools on After Effects as it’s made in a step by step process but be ready for a challenge!

What are the requirements for this class?

1- Comfortable using Adobe Illustrator
2- Comfortable-Experienced using After Effects (although it is also beginner-friendly but I recommend you take a basic AE class before this one so you’re comfortable navigating around the program)

Why should you take this class?

Nowadays, it’s not enough to be just a great graphic designer, you need to invest in being a great storyteller. Building a story for your brand is one of the most essential tools in modern branding now as it engages your audience with your brand on a new level through emotion-driven content. This class also goes beyond crafting the story and teaches you how to draft a brief, storyboard and animate your very own brand video from scratch. This is a new set of skills you will gain in your pocket and you will also pick up a lot of fun, animation tools on After Effects that you can use for your future animation projects that can elevate your portfolio or gain new clients.

Materials/Resources/Programs You Will Need:

– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe After Effects
– Keynote (optional)
– Paper + Pencil/iPad
– Creative Brief Template (provided in resources)
– Story Structure Template (provided in resources)

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