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Sketch Anything with Aaron Limonick


Release date:2018

Duration:12 h 04 m

Author:Aaron Limonick

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Master traditional illustration and entertainment design in no time. In ‘Sketching Anything,’ Aaron Limonick (Naughty Dog) breaks down his design process in an accessible way for both beginners and pros. You’ll learn to organize reference material, establish a strong sense of art direction, and create detailed production sketches of your very own. Don’t waste time struggling with the basics of drawing and rendering – with these skills, you’ll truly be able to sketch anything.

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1. Understanding Sketching

1 Overview
1 Course Overview
2 Lesson Overview

2 Reference
1 Interpreting Reference Material
2 Finding the Good Compositions
3 Pushing Compositions Further

3 Different Sketching Methods
1 Chapter Intro
2 Sketching with Light and Value
3 Loose Detail
4 In Between Detail
5 Tight Detail
6 Hybrid Styles
7 Rhythm

4 Using Shape and Form as a Tool
1 Chapter Intro
2 Shape in Composition
3 Breaking Down Organic Forms
4 Shape and Form in Engineering

Summary of Lesson Principles

2. Natural Enviro

1 Finding Shapes Within Nature
1 Lesson Overview
2 Chapter Intro
3 Simple Shapes

2 Studying Nature’s Primitive 3d Forms
1 Chapter Intro
2 Simple Forms

3 Using Texture as Grouping
1 Chapter Intro
2 Texture Grouping
3 Final Piece

Principles Recap

3. Hard Surface Enviro

1 Perspective and Setup
0 Lesson Overview
1 Chapter Overview
2 Ancient Architecture
3 Off the Grid
4 organic Architecture

2 Indicating Accurate Scale
1 Chapter Overview
2 Ref Scale
3 Visual Track

3 Final Piece
1 Preliminary Sketch
2 Creating the Final Piece
3 Finishing Touches

Principles Recap

4 Designing a Complex Scene

1 Compositional Choices with Thumbnails
1 Lesson Overview
2 Chapter Overview
3 Basic Thumbs
4 Refining Thumb
5 Developing BG
6 Fleshing out the scene

2 Establishing Your Look
1 Chapter Overview
2 Expanding on Specific Elements
3 Building in Details
4 Defining a Major Prop
5 More City Details
6 Adding Main Subject

3 Detail and Scale
1 Chapter Overview
2 FG Details
3 Cleaning Up FG Details
4 BG Details
5 Livable Spaces
6 Cleaning Up

4 The Finish
1 Overview
2 Filling in Shadows
3 More Light and Shadow
4 Adding Elements
5 Establishing Scale
6 Detailing Human Figures
7 Analyzing your Image

Principles Recap


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  1. Would be nice if all the classes of this course are uploaded in fewer links for download, just one link would be incredible.

    • this site was designed to provide media resources on-demand, i.e. online. We are thinking about creating a torrent tracker for posted here resources. The problem now is the lack of free time. The main job has a higher priority.

      • no pls !!!!!!!! dnt listen to them !!!!!! the current format is just perfevt !!! beyond perfect !!! . with my internet connection i can never download one large torrent file !!! also torrnt files do get expired , with this format i am able to watch before i can download anything !!! i can atleast download files individually !!!! , let it be !!! we can wait for 1 minute !!!its perfect the download is seemingly perfect !! no nonsense and no stupid ad pop us , just real pure shit , i like it this way . dnt listen to these guys , if you will implement the torrent links guys likes us wont be able to preview any of the videos and would think twice before downloading huge files of 2-3 GB . also the way u all painstkingly structure ur syllabus is also amazing !!!!!!! the syllabus is the huge help !!! thank you

        • Thank you for the input. We are also designed this resource with a focus on video-on-demand streaming. But no worries, when we start a torrent tracker it will be an addition to the existing infrastructure. If you prefer to watch online here you go, if you want to download content to your computer first, here is the torrent tracker.

          • oh no pls !!! i dnt watch online , i cant watch them , individual downloads are better , torrents do expire pls dnt remove the individual download option pls

  2. pls include Sketching Mentorship with Peter Han from here

  3. Hi Admin,

    Is this the site where I could support you? I don’t know if this is the one, or some random ad where I could be scammed.


    • This is not a scam, it is our reseller. We are in a constant war with the copyright owners and they are trying to reach us in any possible way.
      Feel free to just purchase a premium package there.
      That means a lot, thank you!

      • Thanks Strawberry,

        I would love to pay for a year’s worth of premium, since the courses I wanted would have cost at least 100 times more in total.

        However, since you mentioned a constant war, what could I do in the event that the site got taken down, if ever?

        P.S: “The payment system is under maintenance”. Should I add to cart? Help?


  4. hey strawberry, it would be great if you could upload AMB Animation Academy course on here. I have it on MEGA and would like to share it.
    how can I?

  5. Hello strawberry! there is no exercise files inside the Ex_Files.rar just a bunch of .txt file. please fix it thank you so much for your help godbless

  6. could u upload wouter gort designing better characters on learnsquared

  7. could u upload wouter gort designing better characters on learnsquared

  8. could you please upload ENVIRONMENT SKETCHING from CGMA

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