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Proflows Membership

Release date:2021

Author:Cameron Pierron

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

2.5D Techniques
Establish a solid base-level understanding of how 3D layers work in After Effects, then build on your knowledge to achieve advanced-level mastery of 2.5D techniques. Over 8 lessons, you’ll learn how to manipulate 3D layers in After Effects with ease and create various stylized scenes that put your new dimensional design techniques to practice.

Brush Mattes
Learn how to manipulate brush mattes to reveal and conceal parts of your footage. Over 2 in-depth lessons, you’ll use brush mattes to highlight, circle, and cross off elements on footage depicting a top-secret style document.

Cinema 4D Fractals
Transform a shape into intricate fractals by adding details like edges and polygons, and animate the fragmentation process to create a killer dimensional effect. Over 7 lessons, you’ll work on illustrating the progressive fragmentation of a shape in Cinema 4D.

Distressed Texture
Learn how to make your own versatile textures to use and layer in any type of footage. Over 5 lessons, you’ll create gritty textures that will amplify your visuals for years to come.

Glitch FX
Add a distressed vibe to your work by learning the ins and outs of glitch effects, and the different ways to achieve the exact effect you’re envisioning. Over 10 lessons, you’ll advance your glitch FX skills to create eye-catching glitchy text, different types of glitchy shape layers, and a final glitch project depicting a 3D statue.

Ink Mattes
Learn how to manipulate ink mattes to reveal and conceal parts of your footage. Over 2 in-depth lessons, you’ll learn how to strategically place and animate ink blots and droplets on typography and imagery.

Kinetic Type
Use distortion and displacement mapping to create warped, animated type that hooks your audience. Over 6 lessons, you’ll animate song lyrics using kinetic type to amplify the words’ meaning and impact.

Light & Shadows
Advance your After Effects 3D skills by understanding how lights and shadows shape and influence dimension and how you can most effectively use different types of light to achieve a desired effect. Over 7 lessons, you’ll establish a solid understanding of lights and shadows that you’ll use to build a flat stage-like animation, a show title, and a short title sequence. This workshop builds on your existing 2.5D knowledge and techniques. For a refresher on 2.5D techniques, start with the 2.5D Techniques workshop.

Neon Techniques
Create captivating contrasting designs in standout neon colors. Over 8 lessons, you’ll combine your trendy neon shapes to create a multi-dimensional animation sequence using both 2D and 3D elements.

Wireframe Renders
Give a high-tech feel to your work. Learn how to connect texture, render points, and edges to create futuristic-looking shapes in 3D space. You’ll create a different wireframe in each of the 5 lessons included in this workshop.

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  1. Hey Starwberry. I have been following this site for months and have learned so much. I really can’t thank you enough for what you are doing.

    By any chance, have you found the course called “Stylecraft”?. The course was also created by motion science.

    I have been waiting to take it for a long time.

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