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Photoshop Creative Video Compositing


Release date:2018, June 18

Duration:02 h 47 m

Author:Seán Duggan

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Learn how to perform creative video compositing using a tool you already know and love: Adobe Photoshop. Seán Duggan teaches you how to use your existing Photoshop skills to create stunning visual effects and motion graphics for video-based projects. Learn how to add motion and life to type, create virtual locations, adjust the lighting of your scenes, and creatively transition from one clip to another. The techniques rely on Photoshop basics—layers, masks, and blending—but Seán also shows how to edit video in the Timeline panel and animate with keyframes. Plus, get tips for shooting video specifically with compositing in mind, and options for when you find you need a more robust video editing tool.

Topics include:

  • Creating a simple video composite
  • Adding a mask to a video
  • Adding effects and transitions
  • Animating elements with keyframes
  • Compositing with type and graphics
  • Using blend modes
  • Creating custom transitions and special effects
  • Shooting video for composites
  • Creating virtual locations
  • Advanced blending
Table of Contents

0. Introduction
Welcome 1m 18s
How to use the exercise files 2m 22s
1. Essential Concepts and Techniques
Create a file structure for projects 4m 38s
Create a simple video composite 6m 1s
Add a mask to a video layer 5m 33s
Custom split-screen effect 6m 24s
Add crossfade transitions 5m 2s
Control opacity with keyframes 4m 25s
Animate elements with keyframes 7m 52s
Modify Smart Object video layers 5m 35s
Export finished video clips 5m 3s
2. Composite with Type and Graphics
Use type to mask a video layer 5m 13s
Animate layer styles 6m 5s
Copy animation keyframes to a layer 5m 14s
3. Use Blend Modes to Create Composites
Composite elements with blend modes 4m 22s
Select > Focus Area and Select and Mask 4m 43s
Blend modes and masks to combine clips 6m 46s
Combine blend modes and animations 6m 29s
4. Custom Transitions and Special Effects
Prepare a custom layer mask transition 4m 9s
Create a custom layer mask transition 6m 59s
Custom transitions: Filters 5m 46s
Animate a Smart Object 4m 31s
Use videos as masks 4m 44s
Lighting effects with adjustment layers 4m 55s
5. Shoot Video for Composites
Previsualize composites 3m 54s
Lighting, motion, and the “action area” 4m 47s
6. Put It All Together: Create Virtual Locations
Bring in the video layer and refine masks 6m 55s
Match color and brightness 6m 17s
Finalize the project with animation 6m 15s
7. Advanced Blending Techniques
Keyframe a mask to track motion 5m 12s
Use Blend If sliders for motion masks 5m 21s
Limitations for color keying 3m 20s
Next steps 53s

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09. Conclusion
Ex Files PS Creative Video Compositing

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