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Photography for Image Databases (Spanish, Multisub)

Release date:2022

Author:Muna Estudio

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

Learn the keys to become a collaborator for microstock sites and sell your photos
The new technologies and the irruption of digital photography, which has made available to all high quality cameras that fit in our pocket, have served many amateur photographers to turn their hobby into a source of income. The photographers Verónica Gomez and Silvia Boratti, working together under the name of Muna Estudio, have managed to make stock photography their livelihood and in this course they will teach you how to plan and make your photographs to sell them in banks of images and make money with them.

Based on the experience that has given them working with platforms such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia, and having published their photographs in Reader Digest, Clarin or The Washington Post, Veronica and Silvia will show you how to convert your photos into income through the banks of images. They will tell you how to use the means you have at your disposal to plan a photo shoot and market the images in microstock sites, even if you only take pictures as an amateur or with your smartphone.

What will you learn in this online course?
You will start knowing the professional career of Verónica Gomez and Silvia Boratti, who will tell you how, despite not having initial training as photographers, they have ended up forming Muna Estudio and working as regular collaborators in microstock sites. In addition, they will show you some of their biggest influences in the world of photography.

Then they will tell you what a bank of images is, how they work and they will guide you in your first steps to becoming a collaborating photographer.

Then, taking into account the means at your disposal, you will select a commercially viable theme, define the set and choose the models of your photographs.

Once you have defined all the variables you will get to work and perform the shooting; You will select the best photographs and make the necessary adjustments so that the image is perfect.

Finally, you will upload your photographs to the image banks and tag them with keywords or keywords.

What is this course’s project?
You will plan and make a photo shoot that you will publish in microstock sites with the aim of becoming a regular contributor to image banks.

Who is this online course for?
To photographers and amateurs who want to discover how to become collaborators of image banks with the means at their disposal.

Requirements and materials
You must have basic knowledge of photography and digital retouching.

With regard to materials you will need a camera (it is not necessary to be professional, you can use your smartphone), your favorite lens, a reflector or light diffuser and a computer with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

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  1. hi, can you upload “The alla prima portrait- robert liberace”, and “Retrato alla prima al oleo – natalia segovia”
    thanks for everything!!!

  2. Can you upload this one ?

    Thank you for all.

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