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January Nose Tutorial by JYUNDEE


Release date:2017

Duration:00 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

The video is a tutorial on how to draw a nose using digital tools by Jyundee. The instructor begins by explaining that the tutorial was highly voted for by the viewers. Rather than starting with a pencil sketch, they begin with the base colors and work towards detailing the nose. She uses a color brush or a fill brush to draw out the shapes of the nose and fill them in using a filter to work faster. They then apply a darker tone to the skin for contouring and blush using a medium opacity and gentle pressure on their tablet pen. They use the airbrush to smooth out the colors and encourage viewers to switch between the eyedropper and the airbrush to blend.

Nose Tutorial by JYUNDEE
Nose Tutorial by JYUNDEE

The instructor also applies dark brown and orange shades below the nostrils for contrast and builds up the colors using the airbrush. They add shine using the watercolor brush on the tip of the nose and nose bridge. Finally, they sometimes use oil pastels to add subtle skin texture. The video includes two examples, one where both nostrils are visible and the other where only one is visible.

[Patreon] January Nose Tutorial by JYUNDEE
[Patreon] January Nose Tutorial by JYUNDEE
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