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ODD BODIES Illustrating Expressive, Stylized People


Release date:2019

Duration:02 h 24 m

Author:Tom Froese

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Having a unique, personal style of illustrating people is one of the holy grails of illustration. It’s one thing to be able to draw people in a more literal and realistic way, but what about more stylized and abstract? If you’ve ever wondered how to make your people illustrations more expressive and unique, this class is for you. While people of all drawing abilities can take this class, this class is made specifically with illustrators who want to break free from more literal ways of drawing people in mind. That means learning how to reference images without copying them, loosen up in your proportions, and draw more from heart.

Working for international clients such as GQ France and Abrams New York, illustrator Tom Froese is known for his whimsical characters that are bursting with personality and style! Join him as he guides you through a series of fun exercises that shed light on his unconventional thinking and approach to illustrating people.

Things you’ll learn in this class include:
Key principles to drawing in a stylized way
Drawing more intuitively, from heart
Relying less on copying reference images
Embracing your quirks as part of your style
Expressing action and movement in your people
Distorting the human figure in surprising, fun ways
How to transform a rough sketch into a beautiful final illustration
After the main exercises, if you want to level up your skills, join Tom in taking one of your sketches into a fully finished illustration. You can use your own tools and techniques or follow along with him in his trademark Inky Style!

Table of Contents

1. Class Trailer 2:14
2. Project and Tools 2:55
3. Lesson 1: About Stylized People 6:09
4. Lesson 2: Some Guiding Principles 5:31
5. Lesson 3: The 5 Pain Points 7:02
6. Exercise 1: Action Figures! 10:59
7. Exercise 2: Action Figures From Memory
8. Exercise 3: Page of Poses! 15:11
9. Exercise 4: People in Shapes! 7:57
10. Exercise 5: Cutouts 8:51
11. Exercise 6: Exaggeration 11:50
12. Bonus Project: Intro 1:48
13. Bonus Project: Create Illustration File
14. Bonus Project: Start the Base Illustration 17:40
15. Bonus Project: Make Inky Marks! 9:26
16. Bonus Project: Add Inky Marks to Sketch
17. Finalizing 2:07
18. Final Thoughts 1:30

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  1. Hello,

    My Skillshare classes are how I earn a living. Having my entire class available for download from your site is a threat to my livelihood. I am kindly pleading with you, from one business to another, to please remove my class from your website. I want to believe that you have the best possible intentions and that my class being on your servers is an accident, and that you will do what you can to make sure it gets removed.

    Thank you so much for your understanding and swift action to address my concerns.


    • Hello Tom,
      Your course is leaked a long time ago and available to download for free from many websites. If we remove this course from our catalogue you will not feel any difference.
      Believe me, our users are not able to purchase it from Skillshare or other places. Most of the visitors are from poor countries. This is a completely different audience. Moreover, if your course will help someone to improve his skills and get the job or find a contract this is quite great and they will purchase it officially.

      • Thanks Strawberry. I almost cry when you said “Most of the visitors are from poor countries”. I’m from Venezuela, and in the past we were a rich country like Lebon or Dubai, but our bad political situation don’t let us buy anything online, with a monthly salary of 2,5 dollars.
        Thanks you for your kind word and permit we can study and prepare our skills for better future and get remote jobs with this knowledge.
        I hope the author Tom Froese, can understand this fact, and stay sure that other people in rich countries can buy his course and no affect his livelihood.
        I wish you a lot of health to you and your family. Thanks for democratize the knowledge.

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