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Modern Watercolor Techniques (Spanish, Multisub)


Release date:2022

Author:Ana Victoria Calderon

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

Paint with watercolors in a technical and creative way
Can you imagine creating new universes with watercolor? Experiment and surprise yourself with the infinite possibilities that this technique offers with the help of Ana Victoria Calderón, illustrator, designer, and visual artist. After ten years of dedicating herself exclusively to painting, she has developed her own style inspired by nature’s mysticism. Her work ranges from prints to book covers and she has collaborated with international brands like Papyrus, Vanity Fair, Ray-Ban, and Editorial Santillana.

Together with Ana Victoria, learn how to master watercolor step by step and use it in a fun way to create unimaginable results. There are times when the technique itself, because of its nature, acts on its own. In this course, you will discover how to take advantage of these unexpected “mistakes” for your own benefit. Study the basics and then go beyond traditional watercolor by experimenting with different materials and a modern approach.

Here you will lay the foundation for using watercolors, but you build on this technique in her other two courses: Techniques Applied to Watercolour Illustration, where you can learn how to become a freelance illustrator, and Creation of Color Palettes with Watercolor, to achieve color combinations that reflect your personality.

What will you learn in this online course?
Begin by getting to know Ana Victoria Calderón’s work and influences, as well as the reasons that led her to devote herself to the world of watercolor.

Next, briefly review the materials needed for the different exercises that you will do, and then learn the purpose for each.

Learn the basic aspects of working with watercolors, such as transparency levels, water control, gradients, and paint saturation, as well as understanding the weight and precision needed to start using the brush with greater control to achieve fine details.

Once you have understood the basics, it’s time to experiment by mixing the watercolors with other materials such as other types of paint, salt, chlorine, as well as homemade materials, and analyze the reactions.

To finish the course, create a complex illustration applying the techniques learned from the experiments you liked the most.

What is this course’s project?
Make an illustration of a nebula or galaxy using watercolor, acrylics, and other resources, putting into practice all the exercises completed during this course.

Who is this online course for?
Designers, illustrators, artists, and art enthusiasts in general who are interested in learning how to paint with watercolor from scratch, as well as those who want to improve their technique.

Requirements and materials
No prior knowledge is required to complete this course.

Regarding materials, you will need a watercolor sketchbook, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, watercolors, round brushes for watercolors in different sizes (especially a fine brush for smaller details), black ink, acrylic paint or white ink, a glass for water, and a palette.

It is optional, but recommended, to have table salt, alcohol, nail polish remover, bleach, and a variety of inks and watercolors (liquid, tube, metalized, etc.) that you may already have but don’t know how to use. They will be useful for experimenting.

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