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Mastering Transparent Color Techniques – 투명한 채색 표현에 필요한 컬러링 핵심 스킬 [Coloso, Solraka, Group Buy]


Release date:2021, December 8

Duration:17 h 36 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

To what extent can you express the intensity of light, direction, quantity, and material on your own? I’ll assist you in designing it.
When using a thick brush, the painting may appear dense, regardless of the element you’re painting. How can you avoid this feeling?

In addition to numerous requests for online course creation, the acclaimed offline school instructor Solaka offers excellent lecture content. She specializes in teaching coloring techniques that achieve clarity and transparency.

Learn how to color characters’ skin, hair, costumes, and employ unique coloring methods. Discover how to express variations in elements like metal accessories and jewelry.
Understand how to establish your personal coloring routine with professional illustrator Solaka’s expertise in achieving clear and pristine character coloring.
Explore Illustrator Solaka’s portfolio, renowned for its clear and vibrant style.

What Sets Illustrator Solaka’s Class Apart:​

Intensive coloring classes for effectively depicting challenging elements.Focus on complex coloring aspects typically difficult for beginners, such as skin tones, hair highlights, fabric textures, and more.Receive detailed instruction on layer blending modes, gradient maps, light and color adjustments, contrast management, and sketching with color.Step-by-step training to create a detailed character illustration:

  • Layer blending modes
  • Gradient mapping
  • Manipulating light and color
  • Contrast management
  • Color sketching
  • Skin tones
  • Hair highlights
  • Shirt and suit textures
  • Silk fabric rendering
  • Transparent clothing effects
  • Leather textures
  • Metal accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed material rendering
  • Different stage contrasts

Class Highlights:​

From fundamental coloring concepts to advanced light and color expression:

  • Gain hands-on experience with various coloring methods through practical applications.
  • Explore multiple case studies to refine your preferred coloring techniques and provide feedback on your work.

Master sophisticated rendering techniques using Photoshop layer modes and corrections:

  • Learn to utilize Photoshop features for intricate light rendering and enhance transparent character coloring.

Comprehensive training on coloring various materials often challenging for beginners:

  • Gain insights into coloring human anatomy, including skin tones, hair highlights, fabric textures, leather, accessories, and jewelry, to enhance your illustration skills.

You can find more details by following this link.

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