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MAD VFX in After Effects (4 weeks)


Release date:2020, March 27

Author:Eduard Mykhailov

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

You will learn how to create sci-fi effects from very distant future and crazy 3D compositions using Element 3D plugin, how to track your live action videos and implement all this beautiful stuff into them. You will also learn how to create your own Instagram masks.

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  1. Thanks for the amazing content!!! It helps me a lot you don’t have idea!! <3

    Could you please add this course: Logo Animation in After Effects it will helps a lot <3

  2. hi dude pls share this course , thanks in advance

  3. hey thanks for this.

    just a problem with 2 files:
    >3 Import 3D Models
    >7 Settings

    can you plz solve this!


  4. bro on the Week 3.mad vfx in AE 3rd week files.7z please upload the render element hud and glitch brother
    thanks in advance i can learn from that a lot and really appreciate this site brother

  5. can someone give me the full course?? i can give premium plugins payed and expensive pngs- plugins- effects (like data glitch idk – premium sfx)

  6. Cheers for another wonderful course.

    Week 1 -> 3. Import 3d models, 7. Settings and
    Week 4 -> 2. Plugins (1), 3. Glitch_Intro_without_Plugins_part_1, 4. Glitch_Intro_without_Plugins_part_2
    These links need to be fixed.

  7. upload full course and also pls upload VFX for beginners course from the same author

    pls will u do it or not?

  8. Pls upload ANIMATION & MODELING FOR VFX from cgspectrum
    FX & COMPOSITING FOR VFX from cgspectrum

    pls will u do it or not?

  9. Pls upload Fusion Visual Effects with DaVinci Resolve course pls will u do it or not pls pls?

  10. i have problem with files:
    week 1:
    3. Import 3D Models
    7. Settings
    week 4
    2. plugins
    3. Glitch_Intro_without_Plugins_part_1
    4. Glitch_Intro_without_Plugins_part_2
    This course is very interesting, i hopefully you can fix this !!
    Thank you very much

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