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Let’s GratiDoodle! A Joyful Approach to Building a Creative Practice


Release date:2021, September 5

Author:Ayoka Kaiser

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:No

In this class you will learn tools and techniques to set up a bite-sized creative gratitude practice that you can keep up even on busy days.

We’ll explore

how you can draw simple icons from basic shapes
how to attach meaning to them
and how to add text and color.
These skills are part of something called sketchnoting: a fast, intuitive and extremely effective way of creating visual notes that you’ll remember.

Sketchnoting lights up both rational and emotional parts of your brain and connects them with each other. That’s why it’s not only great for note taking but also for recording your memories and feelings.

The good news is: You don’t need any drawing skills or talent (although it’s not a hinderance ;-)) – anyone can learn to sketchnote or create a GratiDoodle.

GratiDoodles are wonderful way of taking a few minutes every day to reflect on the good in your life. You can do them by yourself or include your kids, partner or a friend.

Join me for a fun and creative adventure into the world of visuals!

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  1. Can you please upload this course as well?
    Domestika – Creation of Animated Infographics

    Thanks so much. ❤️

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    Could you please consider upload the courses: elements of Traditional Composition. Link:

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    Composing is a really cool subject, however, here on the site I don’t see much high quality content about composing.

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  6. please I really need this course as soon as possible
    love your website so much <3 I'm going to donate it with $20 if I got this course

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