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Illustration Practical Technique All-in-one Course at Odia Academy – 오디아 아카데미의 일러스트 실무 테크닉 올인원 코스 [Coloso, Odia Academy, Group Buy]


Release date:2023, June 7

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Odia Academy

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Looking for an online class that offers practical applications for your practice or current business? Join professional illustrators from the real-world game studio art team as they guide you through the entire process.

From sketching, lighting, and modeling to intricate detailing, this comprehensive class covers everything you need to know. Learn from the best in the industry at Odia Academy.

Part 01: Mastering Solid Dodge Drawing

  • Techniques for representing form
  • Applying human concepts to casual drawing
  • Complete drawings with a comprehensive checklist

Part 02: Creating Attractive Character Designs

  • Understanding the foundational theory of design
  • Producing character sheets through planning
  • Applying color theory for vibrant coloring

Part 03: Theory-Based Coloring Techniques

  • Practicing Photomodulation to understand light and color
  • Creating eye-catching compositions
  • Visualizing thumbnails and refining color roughs

Part 04: Detailing for Outstanding Results

  • Describing materials through theory
  • Enhancing detail completion
  • Finishing touches for a polished picture

Part 05: Utilizing 3D Quickly and Efficiently

  • Utilizing Twinmotion effectively
  • Mastering techniques for dominating the screen
  • Enhancing illustrations through 3D retouching

Class Features:

  • Unlock the secrets of solid art theory and apply them to achieve professional-quality results.
  • Develop your own standards and theories to create art that speaks to your senses.
  • Learn key art theory concepts step by step and apply them immediately to improve your skills.
  • Develop the ability to objectively evaluate your artwork.

Essential Insights:

  • Gain practical knowledge to become an industry professional.
  • Understand the visual integration required to follow actual art direction in your projects.
  • Learn how to interpret client language based on real planning scenarios.

Real-World Techniques:

  • Follow the practical processes used at Odia Academy, which functions as a studio.
  • Learn professional skills such as creating 3D backgrounds using Twinmotion and posing character models with ease using Daz and Blender.
  • Intuitively learn lighting techniques to enhance your illustrations.

You can find more details by following this link.

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