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The Art of Drawing with Fun by Kim Junggi – 김정기가 말하는 재밌게 그림 그리는 법 [Coloso, Kim Junggi (Kim Jong-ki)]


Release date:2022, June

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Kim Junggi (Kim Jong-ki)

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

It’s that time again, facing the blank canvas, pondering what to draw. Are you ready?​

If you find it challenging to bring your ideas to life and start feeling bored with your drawings, then it’s time to enroll in this class.

Drawing should be fun for both the artist and the viewer. Learn Kim Jong-ki’s drawing techniques that emphasize enjoyment.

This class is structured around three elements: portraiture, space, and storytelling. You’ll learn how to refine your drawings gradually.

From generating ideas to storytelling and the actual drawing process, Kim Jong-ki will guide you through his creative process from start to finish.

Discover unique storytelling methods that expand your thinking and directing techniques.

While many resources focus solely on drawing skills, few teach you where to place additional elements in your drawings or how to craft captivating stories. In this class, you’ll go beyond conventional imagination, exploring various narrative possibilities.

Start with keywords like summer vacation, anthropomorphism, mechanics, and fantasy, gradually expanding your creative process to create original worlds.

The class focuses on portraiture, space, and directing, covering a wide range of drawing situations.​

  • Part 01: FiguresPart
  • 02: SpacePart
  • 03: Directing

The essence of drawing lies in the freedom to create and express oneself without constraints. Reclaim your childhood joy of drawing while learning from Kim Jong-ki, a master artist with 25 years of experience.

Unlock constant ideas and captivating storytelling techniques. Learn to infuse stories into your drawings, going beyond mere technical skill to truly engage your audience.

Master character expression with various body types and emotions. Move beyond drawing generic figures to capturing the nuances of different body types and emotions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:​

Drawing dynamic and natural figures: Learn to draw human figures of various ages and body types, accurately depicting their emotions and features.

Creating narrative spaces through composition and perspective: Master 1-6 point perspective to create textured and immersive spaces. Learn how to choose the best composition by exploring different angles.

Understanding object structures: Gain insight into the structure and function of various objects, such as figures, buildings, vehicles, and animals.

Drawing everyday materials: Learn to incorporate materials from your experiences and inspirations, such as literature, movies, and music, into your drawings.

Fostering creativity and imagination: Break free from preconceived notions and explore elements like anthropomorphism, creatures, and mechanics to create original artworks.

Developing a steady work ethic: Learn from Kim Jong-ki’s 25-year career as a painter and discover how to maintain consistency and mindfulness in your artistic practice.

Enroll now and embark on a journey of artistic discovery with Kim Jong-ki!

You can find more details by following this link.
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