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WLOP – Makeup2


Release date:2015


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this course, WLOP will reveal its secrets to creating stunning makeup looks using digital art tools and techniques. You’ll learn to bring characters to life by adding intricate and captivating makeup designs that enhance their personalities and stories.

Key highlights of this course include:

Conceptualizing Makeup: Learn the art of conceptualizing makeup looks that complement and elevate your characters’ identities. WLOP will guide you through the thought process behind each design, helping you make creative and informed choices.

Digital Tools and Techniques: Discover WLOP’s workflow and how they utilize digital art tools to achieve seamless and eye-catching makeup designs. You’ll gain valuable insights into their process, from sketching ideas to adding the final touches.

Emphasis on Detail: Explore the importance of detail in makeup artistry and how subtle touches can transform your characters’ appearances. WLOP will demonstrate using highlights, shadows, and textures to create stunning realism.

Expressive Makeup: Dive into graphic makeup and how to use it to convey emotions and moods. WLOP will show you how to play with colors and patterns to add depth and complexity to your characters.

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