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NUK313 Photorealism in Compositing with NUKE Case Studies


Release date:2020, August

Duration:03 h 07 m

Author:Victor Perez

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The second segment of this two-part course, led by Victor Perez, is dedicated to applying the theory covered in the initial part (NUK312). This course emphasizes a practical approach, employing case studies to delve into scene composition from scratch. The focus is on replicating various light qualities, spanning from internal to external setups across different times of the day.

These classes dissect the intention behind each shot, its technical arrangement, and its storytelling potential. With over 20GB of high-quality footage provided, you’ll have ample material to refine and hone your skills.

Victor Perez, an acclaimed visual effects supervisor and film director, spearheads this course. His background as a former compositor coupled with his standing as a pivotal figure in the global NUKE compositing community solidifies his expertise in this domain.

Class 1: Integrating CG with Live-Action Footage Explore the art of beauty grading to match color values across lighting curves, dissect primary versus secondary light effects, and follow a structured grading process using a checklist. Understand viewer value readings, Grade node versus ColorLookUp node approaches, and evaluate motion blur regions for recovery.

Class 2: Greenscreen Element Integration over Live-Action Footage Dive into the distinctions between natural and artificial light, enhancing light qualities, and the impact of light and edge definition on edge hardness. Learn techniques for applying 2D light effects without multipass separation.

Class 3: Full CG Shot Navigate the multi-pass CG approach to composite and develop a distinctive look. Understand the capabilities and contributions of each pass, manage component light values, and create diverse looks using the same lighting setup.

Class 4: Light Artifacts Uncover the art of constructing an artifact script structure and handling mattes. Explore the diffraction factor, dissecting light positions in front of versus inside the lenses, and logic behind artifact order. Implement in-the-box Nuke’s glow, light wraps, and other convolutions for a nuanced understanding of light artifacts.

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  1. please help the project file are corrupt of NUK313 Photorealism in Compositing with NUKE Case Studies please reply fast

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