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From the Production of Modern Illustrations Specializing in SNS to the Practice of Anime Painting – SNSに特化した現代的なイラスト制作からアニメ塗りの実践まで [Coloso, Ixy, Group-Buy]


Release date:2024, May 20

Duration:09 h 36 m

Author:Ixy, イラストレーター Ixy

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Ixy, an illustrator with over 70 million followers, teaches you the secret to creating beautiful illustrations efficiently.

Ixy is an illustrator beloved by many for their anime-style pop illustrations.

In this course, you will learn how to effectively create attractive character illustrations through simple, step-by-step instructions. Ixy will guide you through the process.

First, you’ll learn how to create characters using 3D elements and photographic materials. Starting with appealing compositions, facial expressions, and poses, including expressive hands, Ixy will share tips for creating captivating character illustrations. These concepts will be explained and practiced.

Next, you’ll delve into Ixy’s unique approach to anime coloring, and learn practical methods to speed up your drawing process using free deformation tools and shortcut keys. You’ll discover how to create beautiful illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner, from basic techniques to more efficient methods.

Finally, based on trends among SNS users and key aspects of illustrations that perform well on social media, Ixy will share their know-how for monetization. This section will be grounded in their extensive experience.

With 70 million followers, Ixy is a popular illustrator who will teach you how to enhance your modern digital illustrations and monetize your work through SNS. If you’re interested in learning with Ixy, join us on Coloso.

Examples of the Course:
  • Illustration production know-how specialized in SNS, learned through practical examples
  • Creating characters using photos
  • Drawing a rough human body using 3D models
  • Line drawing and simple coloring techniques
  • Tips to increase drawing speed
  • Techniques for enhancing charm through trimming and posing
  • How to leverage your influence
  • Combining 3D models and photographic materials for character creation
Points of This Course:

Learn from Ixy, an illustrator recognized by 70 million people, how to improve your digital illustrations.

From creating attractive compositions unique to Ixy, known for their cute pop illustrations, to mastering facial expressions, poses, and varied hand gestures, you’ll learn essential skills for producing captivating character illustrations through the creation of three distinct works.

Efficient Illustration Production Using 3D Models and Photos:

Beginner-friendly techniques for using 3D models and photo materials will be introduced. Learn how to eliminate any discomfort in your illustrations through deformation tools, tips to increase drawing speed, and Ixy’s unique color selection methods. Discover how to apply anime coloring techniques full of individuality.

Connecting Illustration Production to Monetization on SNS:

Ixy, who is active in various genres such as YouTube and design, will share insights on creating illustrations that resonate on social media. Learn how to convert your gained influence into monetization based on Ixy’s extensive experience.

You can find more details by following this link.
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