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Breathe Life into Your Characters with Spine Illustration Animation [Coloso, Seryun Han, Group-Buy]


Release date:2023, November 22

Duration:23 h 21 m

Author:Seryun Han

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The Rebirth of Illustration: Introducing Lively 2D Animation with Spine

What if you want to go beyond just drawing your own character and add ‘movement’? Start with Spine, the most commonly used tool in the field and the No. 1 tool that you can learn easily and quickly.

We will teach you how to create animations as lively as 3D animation while retaining the charm of illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner.

From the basics of the Spine tool, part separation, and creating a storyboard suitable for the concept, to IDLE animation and application movements, we will guide you through the entire process of building a skeleton for a character and creating natural motion.

Through this class, you can elevate your hobby to the next level and lay the foundation to become a 2D animator.

Maximizing the Appeal of Illustrations: Portfolio of 2D Animator Seryun Han

Why Take This Class?

No more unnatural, jerky animation! No more motions that reduce the character’s charm! If you’re curious about animation techniques to reduce awkwardness and increase quality, pay attention! We will teach you everything to create the detailed and natural movements that students desire, including step-by-step part separation, movement ideas, how to loosen stiff parts, and the order of moving joints.

IDLE animation and acting animation, as well as customized animation of LD (Large Details) and SD (Super Deformed) characters, will be covered! You will learn how to express characters more interestingly by adding lighting and situational presentation. Check out the lectures of Han Se Seryun, a professional Spine animator at Fevercell Academy, known for his unrivaled curriculum and teaching skills accumulated over many years, right now at Coloso.

Class Example:LD and SD character animation in one place with Spine!

Part 1: IDLE Animation

  • Part separation
  • Bone settings
  • Meshes and Weights
  • IDLE (Art by HxxG)

Part 2: Applied Animation

  • Part separation
  • Key pose setting
  • Apply lighting
  • IDLE and key pose animation (applied animation)
  • Advanced animation directing (demonstration)

Part 3: SD Character Animation

  • Animation design using key poses
  • SD character part separation
  • SD character key pose
  • SD character final animation
Class Features

Creating a Solid Foundation for Easy Handling of Spine: By learning the basic principles of Spine, you will solidify your foundation and set up an environment optimized for creating animations. This is an ‘introductory-friendly’ curriculum that allows even those with no prior knowledge of animation to learn everything from basics to high-quality character animation in one lecture.

How to Create Animation with Your Own Original Character: Each character has its own personality and setting. Depending on the character’s characteristics and concept, you will learn how to add expressions to make the characters unique and lively, allowing you to create your own original character and animate it freely. You will also learn how to add small details, such as subtle hand movements and gaze, to basic animations to create more lifelike characters.

Master Everything from LD Characters to SD Characters: The course includes animations for not only LD characters, with their entire bodies exposed, but also small and cute SD characters. You will learn how to maximize the cuteness of both LD and SD characters, utilize various body types, and use Spine in diverse ways.

You can find more details by following this link.
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