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Foundation Patreon – Cutaway Designs by Charles Lin


Release date:2024

Author:Charles Lin

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to this demo focusing on cutaways, particularly within the context of architecture. Cutaways are crucial for understanding the relationship between the exterior and interior of a structure. In this session, we’ll explore why cutaways are essential and how they merge these two elements.

Typically, concept art separates the exterior and interior views. However, cutaways bridge these perspectives, creating a cohesive understanding of a building’s design. By illustrating both the outer facade and inner workings, cutaways reveal the interconnectedness of architectural elements.

Consider a simple example: a house. From the outside, we see walls, windows, and doors. Inside, there are rooms, furniture, and fixtures. Cutaways allow us to visualize both perspectives simultaneously, emphasizing the unity of design.

Moreover, understanding how structures are constructed enhances the believability of our designs. Whether in games or films, detailed knowledge of a building’s composition adds depth to storytelling. From the materials used to the layout of rooms, every aspect contributes to the immersive experience.

In today’s demo, we’ll focus on creating a cutaway of a turf house, a simple yet versatile structure. By sketching both the exterior and interior layouts, we’ll demonstrate how cutaways reveal the relationship between design elements.

Starting with rough sketches, we’ll outline the footprint of the building and identify key features. From underground chambers to exposed beams, we’ll visualize how the exterior and interior connect. By incorporating details such as furnishings and structural supports, we’ll bring our cutaway to life.

Ultimately, cutaways serve to unify our understanding of architectural design. By revealing the hidden layers of a structure, we gain insight into its construction and functionality. Join us as we explore the art of cutaways and unlock the secrets of architectural storytelling.

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