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Feng Zhu Tutorials collection


Release date:2003, September 29

Author:Feng Zhu

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

Concept Design 1: Vehicle Sketching
The ability to sketch and render vehicles is an important asset in the field of concept design. Using materials standard in the design industry, a detailed step by step demonstration will show the students the entire vehicle sketching process. Learn about the basics of perspective, the importance of thumbnails, techniques of sketching, and development of forms and proportions to create the final rendering.

Concept Design 2: Sketching Environments
For students heading into set design, the ability to sketch and render environments is essential. Learn how to plan out perspectives, set up compositions, establish lighting, and create mood in this detailed step-by-step demonstration. This lecture also covers the materials used in the design industry as well as sketching techniques, thumbnails, and warm-up excersies.

The Techniques of Feng Zhu Vol.1- Design Process Fighting Robots – Fighting Robots
When working from a design brief, idea generation is one of the most difficult aspects of the job. This lecture has two main components, each covering an important part of the design process. First, you will see how designs are generated, by watching Feng sketch over forty rough thumbnails and quick silhouettes. The sketches are then critiqued in order to identify the most visually successful. The entire lecture focuses on a single client brief: melee-style gladiator fighting robots of the future. The software used in this DVD is Corel Painter.

The Techniques of Feng Zhu Vol.2 – Robot Design Refinement and Rendering
Starting with thumbnail silhouettes chosen from the previous lecture, two distinctive designs are drawn, refined and rendered for client presentation. See how two robots, that follow the same brief, can be given strong visual identities through the use of different form languages. The purpose of this process is to end up with a clear presentation of a solid design. The software used in this DVD is Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop®.

Techniques of Feng Zhu 3: The Fundamentals of Shot Design for Environments
This DVD breaks down the individual components necessary to stage a successful environment design. First covered are the basics of perspective, followed by demos explaining the use of scale and composition. Next, the fundamentals of lighting and values are illustrated. Finally, watch Feng sketch out various environments, incorporating all the topics covered above. The software used in this DVD is Corel Painter.

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  1. Hi, can you please add this course it will be very useful

  2. Sir would you like to put ross draws digital art boot camp. Extremely amazing. Please reply. Thanks for this. Sir all the pluralsight courses are removed please fix them. Can’t use anything.

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    Could you please upload this course
    my dream to learn from this course <3

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  5. Hi Admin, can you please upload all of Ross Draw’s tutorials? You’re my only hope and I really need to learn from him so bad. Thank you so much 🙂

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    could you also upload better character design by wouter gort
    thank you once again

  7. U guys know that Chinese people are great artist right, who doesn’t, some people think they are the best *^*
    That’s why I wish I could see more from wingfox! Pls pls pls, if u could… That would be great, if u can let me know, what is possibility to get it when it will be finished

    I would be so grateful for them, they look awesome!

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