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Silent River by Sergei Kurbatov (Тихая река – Russian, Eng sub)


Release date:2023

Author:Sergei Kurbatov

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In the initial segment, Sergey dissects the compositional aspects of a winter landscape, highlighting key elements when selecting a color palette for your artwork. Collaborating with Sergey, you’ll engage in a brief warm-up sketch, aimed at comprehending the color scheme for the main piece.

During the primary section of the session, Sergey will lead you through the entire process, starting from conceptualization and analysis of references to the completion of your artwork—a painting depicting a landscape featuring snow-clad riverbanks.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyzing fundamental painting elements: composition, tone, and color.
  • Exploring the nuances of the winter color palette.
  • Working with the picturesque interplay of warmth and coldness, focusing on the unique compositional aspects of winter landscapes.
  • Practicing the portrayal of snow in its diverse range of shades.
  • Striving to capture the essence of light and nature’s state.
  • Creating a landscape that evokes a profound spiritual ambiance of tranquility.

This session promises an immersive journey into understanding and implementing the intricacies of painting a winter landscape. From grasping the essence of color palettes to embodying the serene aura of a snow-covered scene, this lesson aims to elevate your skills in capturing the silent beauty of nature’s wintry moments.

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