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Book Cover Illustration – Unraveling the Essence of a Story by Silja Goetz


Release date:2023

Duration:02 h 21 m

Author:Silja Goetz

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This online course seems tailored for individuals who already possess some level of expertise in illustration and graphic design and are seeking to refine their skills or explore new techniques in communication through drawings. Here’s a breakdown of who might benefit:

Target Audience:

  • Professional Illustrators and Designers: Those already working in the field looking to expand their skill set, refine techniques, or gain insights into new trends.
  • Aspiring Illustrators and Designers: Individuals aspiring to build a career in illustration, graphic design, or book cover design seeking foundational knowledge and advanced techniques.
  • Communication Enthusiasts: People interested in leveraging drawing as a means of effective communication, whether it’s for personal expression or professional purposes.


  • Good Drawing Skills: A prerequisite for the course. This course assumes a certain level of proficiency in drawing.
  • Experience in Adobe Photoshop: Prior experience with Adobe Photoshop is necessary to understand and follow the course content.


  • Computer with Adobe Photoshop: Access to a computer with the Adobe Photoshop software installed, which will be the primary tool used for illustration and design work.
  • Sketching Medium: Depending on personal preference or accessibility, you’ll need the medium of your choice for sketching, which could be traditional tools like pencil and paper, a graphics tablet, or a digital sketching device like an iPad.

This course seems well-suited for individuals with foundational skills in drawing and Photoshop, aiming to enhance their abilities in visual communication and illustration within a digital environment.

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