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Delivered Let’s Sketch It Out: Unleashing Creativity in a Unique Way – 일단 그려보자, 색다르게! [Coloso, Gian84, Group Buy]


Release date:2019, October

Duration:03 h 45 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Mastering Webtoon Creation: Insights from a Prolific Artist

Uncover the Trade Secrets of a Seasoned Webtoon CreatorTap into the expertise of a renowned webtoon artist with a portfolio of popular works. Learn the art of infusing distinctive colors into your creations with systematic precision.

A Holistic Journey through the Webtoon Creation ProcessImmerse yourself in the real-world process, drawing inspiration from industry leaders. Navigate the entire webtoon production spectrum, from conceptualizing stories to perfecting finishing touches.

Flexible Learning with Unlimited ReplaysAccess professional insights at your convenience, breaking free from location and time constraints. Repeat lectures as desired, in your preferred setting and time zone, to truly absorb the wisdom of the professionals.

  1. Gian84 Writer’s Opening InsightsEmbark on Gian 84’s artistic journey and gain insights into what lies ahead in this comprehensive course.

SECTION 01: The Craft of a Webtoon Writer02. Serials and Deadlines: Navigating Weekly Challenges

Conquer the challenges of webtoon creation, emphasizing the crucial role of deadlines and cultivating habits for success.

  1. Debuting as a Webtoon WriterExplore diverse paths to becoming a webtoon writer, guided by the wisdom of an experienced professional.

SECTION 02: Crafting Your Unique World04. Igniting Creative SparksUnlock the process of nurturing imaginative flair to become a recognized writer.

  1. Capturing ExperiencesRecognize the significance of documenting personal experiences to infuse depth into your webtoon creations.
  2. Crafting Concepts and SettingsTailor stories that resonate with your audience by identifying their desires and preferences.
  3. Character CraftsmanshipLearn the art of developing compelling characters and explore the wellsprings of inspiration.

SECTION 03: Visualizing Worlds in Your Mind08. Comic Creation UnleashedEmbark on the journey of producing Glconti from scratch, creating a captivating narrative.

  1. Drawing and Crafting Conti 1Experience the artist’s unique approach as you bring a picture conti to life based on the initial Glconti.
  2. Drawing and Crafting Conti 2Witness the metamorphosis of content during the persistent process of drawing and crafting Conti.
  3. Presentation with Pen Line 1Select and showcase pivotal moments from previous picture conti, emphasizing the importance of pen lines.
  4. Presentation with Pen Line 2Observe the artist’s live process of completing a cut using pen lines.
  5. Character Expressions and PosesMaster the technique of capturing detailed facial expressions and poses to elevate character development.
  6. Atmosphere-Setting Coloring 1Infuse your work with atmosphere by coloring a cut outlined with pen lines.
  7. Atmosphere-Setting Coloring 2Master the art of coloring to evoke specific moods, transforming your work with a touch of evening ambiance.
  8. Typesetting and Editing MasteryExplore the crucial steps of typesetting and editing, vital for reader engagement and comprehension.
  9. Discover Your Creative VoiceConclude the course with insights from writers and fellow webtoon creators, sharing thoughts and aspirations.

You can find more details by following this link.

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